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Tycho / 4 hours ago

The Night Of A Thousand Hours: Wayrest Chapel (In the adventure proper, there's a werewolf or two. In another of my awesome, helpful notes, there is a single two-word line that says Cur's Wort which is a plant Nature checks reveal to be considered protection against the creatures. But this dude is a bad-ass, and one of the ways you can tell is that he doesn't care.) "The church itself is lit within by a combination of torches, red candles, and glowing orbs of unknown manufacture. Lights…

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Tycho / 2 days ago

The Night Of A Thousand Hours: Escape (It's frankly a dangerous business in the DMing game to write as much as I did back then. I don't really do that anymore, which is a lie. I lied right there. I just like writing, and it's hard to stop. I would say the hardest part about writing the Lookouts book is that there are no breaks for players to interject. I like to leave a lot of "room" and I'm trying to figure out how leaving room works when I have the tiller of the entire narrative. Oh,…

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