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Gabe / 22 hours ago


I picked up Bloodborne expecting not to like it. I've never played any of the Souls games and from what I’d heard, Bloodborne was the same sort of game. As I understood it, these were brutally hard games that seemed to generate equal amounts of frustration and joy. I’m not an especially skilled gamer and I don’t tend to play very difficult games. I get frustrated easy and I’m usually the first to read a game F.A.Q. when I get stuck. I just sort of assumed Bloodborne was not for me. Boy…

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Tycho / 23 hours ago

The first day, he quit on two separate occasions. This is not weird in any way. It would be like if you had just gotten a job and your job was to be kicked over and over in places ill-suited to jostling. You would say, "Maybe this isn't for me." Then I got this text: I didn't really want to tell him how to feel about it, I just wanted him to know that there was another camera on this scene and it was returning the same data. He had unquit, but encouragement wasn't what he needed;…

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