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Tycho / 1 day ago

They seem to corral their mean Australians at the border, just like they do in Canada, and everyone else is generally so nice here that my first inclination is that they are fucking with me. I'm heading over to PAX Aus in a second, after I link the comic and go HAM on this muesli. Oh! Actually, wait a second. There was something else. There is a kind of multifloor, indie development cult in Melbourne called "The Arcade" that I had to find yesterday by looking at a map, and then…

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Tycho / 3 days ago

We got to Australia about the time a PST person would normally wake up, but then we tried to do the sorta prescribed thing where you stay awake all day to get your head straight for the new place. I don't know if it worked all the way. Everything seems to be contained within a parenthetical which denotes its contents are not to be trusted. I guess I did spend almost the entire day absorbing We Can Remember It For You Wholesale (Vol. 5), a prodigious volume of Philip K. Dick stories which…

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