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Tycho / 9 hours ago

It's all true, actually; the new Thornwatch playtest is completely hands free. Well, hands free for us. You will probably need your hands to roll dice, move characters around, or to physically strike allies who miss vital rolls - preferably with a gnarled old cane. Every other playtest he's ever done has been rigorously controlled, with hypnotically conditioned gamemasters whose subconscious programming ensures an optimal experience every time. Every couple months this process gives him an…

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Tycho / 18 hours ago

Merch Banner For PAX East

I know that usually Gabriel does these, but he is drawing a comic at the moment, and it's got every limb of his operating at 100% capacity. Here's the banner: (Click here to increase the size of your .jpeg) I know the things that have Brian really cranked up are the awesome, timely new Scarf, the Strip Search boxed set, the Polygonal new show shirt, the PAX East poster and Pin set, and the new Merch pin. He wanted me to make sure that you know that the limited edition show pin - the one…

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