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Tycho / 1 day ago

After Gabriel tried Arms during the Global Test Punch and bounced completely off the experience, I did my best to advocate for the game. There's something here, I said. Discrete, particular hands are an illusion, I said - the hand is a mutable concept. There's a way to mash buttons playing the game but that's not where it tops out. It looks goofy as hell, but don't be fooled. I advocated so hard and for so long that I neglected to buy the game when it came out. Maybe I was busy…

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Tycho / 3 days ago

I would have thought that Escape Rooms would be the kind of nerd shit that wouldn't catch. Brenna is a nerd, Theatre Division, but if I start talking about how Commander Farsight can declare Mont'ka once per game even if Kauyan or Mont'ka has already been declared, her eyes roll back into her head. Not as a joke. I think it is actually killing her when I get into wargame shit. I think Escape Rooms lie at a strange crossroads, which may have something to do with their apparently seismic…

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Tycho / 6 days ago

I love Professor Layton and I love Ace Attorney. Gabriel does not. And it turns out that if you put both of those games together he likes them even less. We have a bunch of cool shit on the store that you might be tantalized by. Here! Let me warm up the ol' tantalizer: This must be in the running for "most triumphant pin." Dabe swung through AcqInc to do a refresh on the basic design, and I love what he came up with. Kiko's immortal logo supports the human spine, literally and…

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Tycho / 1 week ago

I'm not even interested in peeling the Exclusivity onion. The only medicine for these Goddamn maneuvers is to tend a fucking menagerie of consoles so that you can never be flanked by these beasts. Here is our exxxclusive guide to exclusivity - only at Pronny Urcrod Dort Crim. My favorite thing from E3 so far is Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, and I'm not makin' a joke. Well… Anthem, also. But I occasionally move the controllers on a Switch that isn't even on, and when I do so, I…

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