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Tycho / 25 minutes ago

This is exactly how I play these games, in general. I'm not, you know, proud of it, that's just the pattern. But Horizon might break me out of it, just because it doesn't have the same segmented arc at all. It's not race/menu/race/menu. It's an open world game where your body is a car, and what they've got me doing in there is far, far more varied than I was expecting. I also wasn't aware of developer Playground Games' pedigree - take a look at the Wikipedia page, which is essentially a…

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Gabe / 21 hours ago

More Thornwatch Art

The big bad monster in the Thornwatch print and play is the Swamp Choir. I thought I'd share some of the progress pics I took while I was drawing it. Rodney said he was looking for a monster with multiple heads. So I went to work on the art side of it. I did a few different sketched but this is the one I really liked. I cooked up this crazy four headed turtle and sent it over to Tycho. He came back with the name Swamp Choir and went to work on the lore while I started inking. As I was…

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Tycho / 2 days ago

Want to work on PAX?

There are a couple opportunities to PAX it up with our partner ReedPOP. Here are two jobs in Norwalk, Connecticut, which you should absolutely check out: PAX Content Manager PAX Content Coordinator What is the difference between a Content Manager and a Content Coordinator? Good question; it's all in the links. This next job is not in Norwalk, CT. In fact it is very far away from there, because it is for PAX Aus (which is fast approaching and you should buy tickets!): PAX Aus Sales…

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Tycho / 2 days ago

Success And Its Opposite

Gabe is playing an Xbox game at home, alone, and without compulsion - specifically, Forza Horizon 3. I don't know what caused this to happen, but it's happening and we have to deal with that. Specifically, I have to deal with that. I grabbed a copy after being coated in his effusions, and with a jaunty spirit, named my international racing mogul Sloth. In my mind I can see his business card, and underneath where it says Sloth is a curl of italicized cursive that says "It's Ironic." I…

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