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Kickstarter only allows pledges of up to $10,000. That certainly seems like a lot to me but perhaps you’ve just inherited a large sum of money or maybe you’re the guy who invented Sudoku. Whatever the source of your vast fortune, we’d be happy to take a piece of it. If you’re looking to dig deeper into your wallet than Kickstarter will allow, we have a special selection of rewards to tantalize you.

  • $25,000

    1 of 1 Remaining

    Gabe will do an original medium sized painting of your favorite videogame character.

  • $25,000

    2 of 2 Remaining

    You'll be given the grand tour of Penny Arcade HQ and afterwards we'll all go out for dinner and ice cream!

  • $100,000

    1 of 1 Remaining

    You can appear in a non-commercial PA strip that you conceive with Mike and Jerry.

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