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Tycho / 1 day ago

Mei got buffed to a gleam in a recent patch, and we made a comic that establishes the contours of my opinion on the matter. I enunciated the same position online, and I got tooken to school on Tweetzor, because my nub was showing and I had to L2P. I talked once about how I wondered if Melbourne and - how it is properly said - Mael-Byn, the Southron Spire were the same word, or even the same idea. Overwatch makes me wonder something adjacent; that is to say, it makes me wonder if every…

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Gabe / 4 days ago


PARTNER PINS My God, it's full of pins! Warlock, Titan, Hunter and Ghost Pins [Bungie] Available at the Bungie Booth #439 Deathclaw, Emily, and Dark Brotherhood Pins [Bethesda Softworks] Available for $10 each at the Bethesda Booth #1102, 1303 Coon and Mysterion Pins [Ubisoft] Get a photo at the Ubisoft Booth #605 to get a pin. Pins will also be available at the South Park: The Fractured But Whole Panel on Friday, 3:00pm in Wyvern Theatre. N7 Mass Effect and Mega Man Pins…

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Tycho / 4 days ago

Gears Of War 4: FOR THE WATCH

Gabriel is the Satan of this age, an electronic devil, and he stole victory from me before because he is a liar and a cheater and I hate him. But that is IN THE PAST. Because the next time we battle For The Watch, the field is Gears of War - a game I take very, very seriously. The highlight reel is just going to be me grinding through his torso with the chainsaw gun over and over. The Chainsaw Gun is called a Lancer, by the way. That's how you know I'm for fucking real. (CW)TB

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Tycho / 4 days ago

I'm a little surprised that, after like eighteen years of this shit, I never named a strip "Dialogue." Artificial Intelligence is one of my fascinations because, as I have suggested previously, I think it's the only type of "alien" life we're likely to discover. Talking to people who live in the same town as you is already almost impossible; every moment you speak or don't speak is a Goddamn maze of briars. And that's with creatures we have something in common with. Talking to an organism…

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