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Tycho / 3 days ago

As a post-PAX digestif, Alienation has nobly provided ample spent shell casings and gouts of ropey, gastrointestinal slime. Housemarque has been a reliable amusement spigot for some time, producing good flow, though my favorite game from them was probably Super Stardust HD which Kiko and I played obsessively until completion which is a feat I'm absurdly proud of for some reason. They like lots and lots of particles to happen, and I like that also. It has a Helldivers type thing, the…

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Tycho / 5 days ago

It's possible that we just don't get Paragon; it's also possible there's nothing there to get. The aesthetic is so dry and clean that it's hard to find purchase on it. You slip off of it, and fly away. Because I know there are Kingkiller Chronicle enthusiasts among you - we are counted in this number also, regardless of any comics we might have made - I thought you might want to know about the Tak Kickstarter. That is, of course, a game people play inside his books, the way players of Wakfu…

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Gabe / 6 days ago

Acquisitions Inc!

The D&D game we played on Sunday was bonkers. We flipped the script so to speak and I took over the DM seat from Chris Perkins who played as Drizzt Do’Urden. I ran an hour long game and then handed the reigns to my friend Patrick Rothfuss who finished out the evening. We did all of this live on stage in front of a few thousand folks with another twenty thousand (at least) watching on Twitch. You can watch it right here. I’d like to take a second here and thank you all once again for my…

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Tycho / 1 week ago

Gabriel didn't need to subject me to grievous injury; I managed to lose while being ostensibly whole of mind and body. I have spent too much time thinking about my failure in Overwatch; the best thing for clarity's sake would be just to share with you the Google doc I actively maintain at all hours of the day but it's full of dark oaths and teammate-specific seething and I may need to call on one or more of them again - even if its just as food. It's best, perhaps, if this information remains…

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