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Tycho / 2 days ago

I really did think my F: drive would last forever, in profound contradiction to… fact, I guess? And truth? And everything we know about everything. I had to kick a bunch of shit off there - had to pause Remnant, but I can come back anytime. Had to accept that maybe some betas for games whose release versions I don't even play probably don't need to be there. I didn't actually have Asheron's Call 2 on there, or Asheron's Call for that matter. I didn't actually see the C-Beams glitter in…

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Tycho / 4 days ago

A couple weeks ago, very late at night, I started getting texts from Greef that followed a pattern like this: This picture of him is from when I first got the original iPhone and you could take pictures and attach them to people. They were heady days. He has a lot more hair now, and not just on his face. Wherever I don't have hair, he has the maximum amount of hair. If he takes off his shirt, it just looks like he's wearing another, different shirt. Yeah, so, I get these pictures…

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Tycho / 6 days ago

Grabbing demos at PAX Unplugged - that is to say, learning complicated new things - is pretty much all I wanna do. Some of the trendlines in the industry are really going my way, and there's a lot of evidence for that. I meant to discuss it with Eric Lang when we were opening the show, but we didn't get around to it because he's too interesting. I'd been stressing out about that Keynote/Storytime for a couple weeks, which is kind of my thing, so I wanted to meet up with him before the show…

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Tycho / 1 week ago

We've been trying to figure out what kind of psychic whorl has seized Respawn Entertainment such that the work of their hands - the Titanfall series - hasn't found success in accordance with its manifest quality. We posit a possible theory in this, today's incomparable strip. I want quality to matter because I want more quality, and that seems like a good way to get it. But there's too much stuff coming out all the time for any kind of rubric to function consistently, and despite the fact…

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