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Gabe / 2 hours ago

Thornwatch at Gen Con!

I will be attending my very first Gen Con next week! I will be heading over there with the crew from Lone Shark games to talk about Thornwatch. We are coming up on the end of the design phase of this thing and it feels pretty great. We just recently had a meeting to discuss the size,shape and contents of the box. It felt like a huge milestone for me considering how many years I’ve been working on this game. I recently discovered the original notebook I used to design what I was calling Card…

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Tycho / 3 hours ago

I don't remember if there's a podcast for it exactly, it might have been after the fact, but somewhere in his rodent mind eleven o'clock in the morning constitutes an afternoonian span. It's devilry and/or witch-work; no doubt a data point in our species' tawdry decline. There's two new Welcome To PAX Shows up, one for Cosplay and one about For The Watch, which is something I'd love to do again. But I'm also putting together something else with Josh that I just need to think about out…

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Brian / 2 days ago

A Study in Saffron

I’ve spent the last couple of weekends wandering around my neighborhood with my phone out, collecting Pokemon. It’s seemed a popular past-time and a pleasant one. My usually quiet, keep-to-yourself suburban community has become a swarm of teens, adults and families buzzing around downtown Redmond, sharing smiles and hunting tips. And while I’ve spent the whole of this past week or so wearing some kind of yellow shirt (I’m a Hufflepuff, I have a lot of yellow), I found wearing the sample…

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Tycho / 2 days ago

Grand Admiral Thrawn is back, welcomed into loving embrace of canon, and I could not be more pleased. The younger iteration of myself liked him much more than the current revision, but the main thing is what it proves: that they aren't above boring into the years upon years of calcified work to haul worthies to the surface. They have an eye on it. Hopefully not all of it. Hopefully we can erect some tasteful shōji or something to obscure certain parts. You can tell from Panel Two where my…

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