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Tycho / 52 minutes ago

Like many multiplayer shooters, Overwatch is also a place to hang out. That's more or less how I've used it; I felt like I understood it as much as was necessary to provide incisive, GoldenBoy-tier commentary on the failures I generate simply by being around. Gleeb felt like playing Overwatch with Kara on the stream last Friday, so we did, and when I started navigating Moira's approach to things I got hooked. So slow, but with a weird ghosty dash? Ikarugan, multipolarity skills? I was in…

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Tycho / 2 days ago

The story is very, very old, and you know it already, but I can distill it for you. A new online game came out and it doesn't really work. At least, it doesn't work for Mike, or his family. We've catalogued the level of functionality he's been able to glean in the strip. It seems like some people can get on, at some times, so I've included this fact pursuant to the Reasonable Rhetoric clause all public intellectuals are meant to uphold. Now that I've done it, I'm weapons free. But I…

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Tycho / 4 days ago

We were trying to figure out The Ninja Phenomenon before he was playing with rappers or some shit, and now it's even more difficult to pull this apart. But we can talk about the sort of shit this motherfucker gets up to on his stream. The shooter substrate beneath his play is excellent. His UI manipulation is cartoonishly fast. His building looks instinctual. I can understand each of these modes in essence because I do primitive versions of them. But for a normal person, a human person…

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Tycho / 1 week ago

YouTube is Broadcast Television and Twitch is Cable. Does that sound about right? Am I close? I feel like that happened really fast. YouTube's true audience is Unilever or whoever the fuck. Multinational Hydrae bound in circles of salt by public markets. Twitch is the warping House of Chaos that dances in fire. You have no idea what kind of angel or devil is going to splup out of some inky hole and currently - currently - that is a market advantage. Having chiddlers is like having an…

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