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Tycho / 2 days ago

The threshold of my mind, the point where thoughts are converted into shapes others can perceive, performs a number of helpful services. It's essentially a programmable gate. Right now, and I hadn't intended to write this before, it really wants me to make sure that's how you spell the word "perceive." One of the other things it does is convert the internal concepts I have for things into the ones more people are likely to recognize. That's one of the funnier things about…

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Gabe / 2 days ago

I played some Stadia

I was curious enough about Immortals: Fenyx Rising to investigate the demo they released on Stadia last week. Logging in with my google account was simple and within seconds of clicking on the game in a Chrome window, I was loading into the demo. The game itself is beautiful and the combat is cool but poorly mapped to a controller. I probably could have played more of it if not for the obnoxious tone of the entire experience. Playing Immortals: Fynx Rising is like watching a low budget CG…

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Tycho / 5 days ago

Hades is real good. This is a fact in evidence, and I'd talk about it way more if I didn't consider a couple of the people who made it not even friends but, like… allies. I would spend more time praising them if I didn't know them, which is its own counterproductive dynamic. I'm actually in a position to know how much they give a shit about what they make, products which strike almost unerringly, and that's what keeps me from doing it. You could certainly argue…

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Tycho / 1 week ago

I guess I sorta figured they'd haul a bunch of these fucking warlocks onto Zoom and yell at them for a while, and that was gonna be it. It wasn't. And then, when we started talking about writing a strip about it, we laughed ourselves hoarse because it turns out our entire workflow winds through Google's intestinal tract. There's a lot of odd dialogue that surrounds this stuff, like if you hate the naked exertion of monopoly power you're just hating the player or some…

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