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Tycho / 19 hours ago

Sekiro is pretty special, I think; of course, I'm invested in From's success because I like the weird stories they make, but I also need them to make a lot of money so they can make the Armored Core and Chromehounds games I need. I need them to make so much money that that can make a game that only I purchase and Q1 still looks okay. It's got its hooks into him big right now, he's way further than I am because he is not trying to split his curiosity between feudal Japan and the…

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Gabe / 4 days ago

PAX East 2019 Pin Quest!

PARTNER PINS Finji Logo & Overland Hatchet Pins [Finji] Available for purchase at the Finji booth #10608. World of Horror: Old God Pin [Ysbryd] Available for purchase at the Ysbryd booth #18108 or complete the demo of WORLD OF HORROR and receive this free pin from the game. N1RV Ann-A Sam Pin [Ysbryd] Available for purchase at the Ysbryd booth# 18108. Haha Reaction & Sad Reaction Pins [Facebook Gaming] Collect at least three tokens by participating across various activities at…

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Tycho / 4 days ago

I'm not sure I want a new gaming platform right now, one that isn't connected to anything I already own or any of the people that I know. At this point in the perpetual ebb and flow of centralization and decentralization, this is just what's happening: the real vigor is supposed to be elsewhere, and you're supposed to borrow it forever. I understand why it's a good business model, but it's so clearly a model in search of an audience that I'm content to just let their wet tentacle slap against…

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Tycho / 6 days ago

This, or something very close to it, really did happen. It's a brand that brings people together, forging a connection between them, even if they should be discussing the infection that is - even now - gnawing at the root of his lifespan. The thing people always said about the first Division game was that enemies were "bullet sponges." This wasn't a huge surprise to me. No matter what the metaphor is, in this case one where players constitute an elite sleeper cell of extrajudicial…

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