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Tycho / 2 days ago

This space shit is the most thoroughly dunked phenomenon; it comes pre-dunked, in the package. Dunk runs off it, down your arm, until it pools and drips from your elbow.

They've managed to make space boring. And then, in the manner of a Moses returning from Mount Sinai, Bezos has returned to these benighted shores with a moral framework around something called "civility" with some tactically deployed love bombs to inoculate them from criticism. When you start talking about this shit, there's an inbuilt Greek chorus of people to chew on your ankle because you were critical in any way of their demigod - their liege lord has won business and is thus proven supreme. Don't look too close at that success! It's rude.

If you dwell in this continuum, I've already entertained your position. I understand it well: we live among leviathans, we might as well choose one to serve. Nevermind that our leaders' intense allergy to governing created them - they're here, and maybe they can be placated with the right symbols or rituals. I can't argue with its practicality. Try my read: this is a neo-cyberpapacy buying its own indulgences. I'm gonna feel any way I want to feel about it.

(CW)TB out.

Tycho / 4 days ago

If you aren't sort of a dork, the fact that cheat prevention software and emulation is in a problematic state currently and the impact it might have on a device like the Steam Deck isn't broadly understood. Before we entered The Hell Dimension a year and a half ago, my main work machine was Linux Mint, and I really liked it. I had to stretch my mind taut over a hoop and embroider it meticulously to resolve a couple issues I had, and I got way smarter, but I'm by no means an expert. The official Known Issues section in the Proton documentation goes into what they consider best practices a bit, and these practices differ from the current state of the universe in some ways.

Kiko is way, way into Valve's hardware excursions. He doesn't give a shit - he'll pull out a Steam controller in an airplane, fuck it. He'll juke and twist the controller in mid-air as though he were controlling the plane itself; he'll augur into my torso with an errant elbow. He's way in, especially if there's a scenario where we start going places again. Gabe doesn't really get the point, especially if it can't get at big competitive shooters. I'm not even thinking about it in the right terms, which is to say, I'm not thinking about its utility as a gaming device. I think that's how you should think about it! I'm trying to figure out if something like this, from these players, properly applied at this juncture, can actually create the kind of momentum needed to solve the problem we discussed at the beginning. Because it's cool if this device can do a specific thing but that would reach way, way beyond this machine.

I'm trying to not work this week, theoretically, but I'm writing this so clearly this is something I don't understand well! But since I'm not physically at home, I won't be able to do the main streams I commit to each week - Acquisitions Intoxicated on Tuesday, Golgolfa(!) on Wednesday, and Motorsport Manager on Friday. What I will be doing this week is thinking a lot about Acquisitions Incorporated: The "C" Team, which had its triumphant return during PAX Online East and comes back to our channel officially on August 11th!

Good news, finally Remember that?

(CW)TB out.

Tycho / 1 week ago

I think Loki is probably my favorite Marvel thing. I like the weirder parts of the whole enterprise, though; for mainline Marvel stuff my pick is probably Captain America: The Winter Soldier. You can sorta see why they gave the Russo Brothers the store after that. But even as a moist larva, I sought the weird shit. Guardians of the Galaxy - a movie where a spaceship goes into a large head - and it'is exactly the type of shit I'm still trying to get up to when I run a game. Doctor Strange, that's the other one I like, not least of which because it concerns a threat that can't be managed by repeatedly hitting it in the face.

This is the strip about it, drawn live at what is probably the last ever Make-A-Strip he and I will do together, and it was pretty chill. I can remember doing this for the first time, and I can also remember doing it in another country, plus all around this one, and despite a period of time where his Surface would try to update itself on stage every time we'd do the panel it was… honestly, that was funny too. It might make sense to be mad the first time, I guess, but it's so farcical by the sixth time that if you're still mad it's because you haven't learned the lesson the universe is trying to teach you.

No Motorsports Management streams this afternoon on account of all the PAX Online East going on - and Don't forget! Tomorrow night at 8pm EST, Acquisitions Incorporated: The "C" Team Returns! It's a real game in the real studio and I hope you like it. It turns out that D&D is pretty fun.

I can't stress enough the limited time nature of our new Camp PAX line, available here, and only until June 19th at midnight. Here is a cool image designed to tantalize you!

(CW)TB out.

Tycho / 1 week ago

Mr. Gribbz started with the demo of Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings Of Long Name, which seemed to run kinda raw on Switch, and swiftly moved up to the PC version where it essentially looks like an animated series running in 4k. There's a demo of it on Steam, too, if you want to see what we're talking about.

It's Pokemon. But ultimately it's a Rock Paper Scissors thing, and I don't mean that to denigrate it. Rock Paper Scissors still has a ton of headroom, actually. Upcoming fighting-game-with-cards Pocket Paragons found a new angle, and Torchbearer - a pen and paper RPG that is essentially D&D through the lens of survival horror - essentially has an aftermarket version of RPS at its core. They've blown it the fuck out in Monster Hunter Stories, giving you menu based combat that's still surprising and dynamic. Think about how much Gabe does not like things. He likes this. Oh, and there's this weird little genetic tic-tac-toe thing in there, like a helical take on a sphere grid intimate to each special beast, which can compel the player like a mystical geas.

PAX Online East Starts Tomorrow - online badges are up now. Soon will the Discord open, but we have the Panels lined up including the return of a certain Acquisitions Incorporated franchise from the Dessarin Valley - The "C" Team, I'm talking about The "C" Team. There is also the incredible Camp PAX merchandise line, which exhorts the digital attendee to savor The Great Indoors:

It's just unbelievably good, what the designers put together for you.

Today, GOLGOLFA returns - in a radical new configuration. Join myself, Not That Will Smith, Gary Whitta, and Canadian Golf Savant (among many, many other things) the Naomi Kyle will do battle in the dialectic of Mario Golf. Now sure how long we'll have everybody, so probably best to show up at 2pm PDT when it all gets going.

(CW)TB out.

Tycho / 2 weeks ago

Honestly, I think The Witcher: Monster Slayer - their take on the "scour your neighborhood for beasts" genre - looks kinda cool. They're trying to approach it their way, which is sorta Questy. That's what they do best. That's why I thought Cyberpunk 2077 was gonna be cool, independent of any issues with basic functionality - because they knew how to tell inspiring little stories inside a relatively small amount of gameplay verbs. I played the whole thing on PC, where the worst of its technical behavior never expressed itself, so I think I understand what they intended, but… the problem is that it had no Andrzej Sapkowski and it very, very much needed a Sapkowski. The game is like a shopping list without a recipe. I recognize everything that was intended to invoke Bolognese but the ratio of every ingredient is fucked.

Obviously Monster Slayer is for intense gentlemen like ourselves, gentlemen who maim and kill, and not dumb babies. We have three swords - one for men, one for monsters, and the third sword is the mind sword, called Wisdom, that tells us when to use the other two.

In truth, I mostly played phone games when I was travelling from place to place all the time in The World Before. I haven't used something like this in a long time and it might be a minute before I put my hand back in the hollow of that particular haunted stump. The amount of money you can spend on free games is… well, it's unlimited. I was trying to encapsulate it in a word, a fancy one, but the fact of the matter is that you can spend an infinite amount on them. I was trying to explain this to Brenna's parents when they were over last weekend. "So, it's free, but… it costs money?" said the Matriarch, tentatively, as though she were shuffling out onto early spring ice. "Yeah," I said. "Imagine a casino, but in hell." I took a moment to knead the language a bit, to give it a silhouette that would aid in absorption. "It's basically a hell casino."

(CW)TB out.

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