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Tycho / 3 days ago

Something I’ve never been able to understand is how you could forget what it’s like to be young.  I haven’t, but I have a weird memory where if I remember something I experience it and generally shudder or make a sound.  God only knows; maybe not forgetting it is itself evidence of some spiritual malnourishment.  It could also be empathy!  That’s another thing it could be.

The types of content I’ve seen produced about Fidget Spinners, ranging from them being representations of Illuminati tampering with the youth to existential treatises on the paramount value of boredom to…  what else… like, portents of our political climate are very, very hmm.  I’m not going to say that the Internet is bad.  But I will say that the Internet is very, very good for bad people.  The capacity to preen on an authentically global stage is has created an environment that births monsters.  Or, at the bare minimum, people who are incredibly fucking annoying.

Fidget Spinners have been banned at the school where Grob’s larvae go, and I understand that it must be a frustrating sound when fifty percent of the class has them - something like a wind farm.  I can remember when Garbage Pail Kids and Pogs were banned at my school, no doubt it feels as tyrannical now as it did then.

It gets complicated when you have a child who is situated somewhere on the spectrum; it’s weird to think that something in use as a therapeutic tool could become such a fad.  Something that allows you to move while sitting still is performing a novel, useful function and it kinda sucks slash might not be 100% legal that some are deprived of it because their medicine got fetishized by mainstream culture.

Hey!  Our producer Josh is taking a well deserved break today, so no stream this afternoon.  We’ll see you again next week; I have about a million shows I want to do on there and I want to them all and I will do them all, but I can’t do them all at the same time.

    (CW)TB out.

Tycho / 5 days ago

Of course, we’re only goofing around with Pat Rothfuss, who is also Viari.  We are inveterate goofers.  I have every faith that the book will come out and what’s more that it will be really good.  He should make a deal with me that he’ll release his book when I release mine; that would provide the necessary impetus.  The web-borne pressure would build up behind my mind, and the book would be launched like a cannonball.

  I found the television show for Game of Thrones vastly more enjoyable than the books, past the first one at least, which I devoured.  And again, because this is the stupid age we live in: I don’t think me liking something imparts upon it some kind of glamour.  It’s just that if you’re enduring this post there’s a high likelihood that you know my deal.  Ultimately, though, I couldn’t watch the show either.  I didn’t want to be in that place anymore.  But I’ll come back for the last season of the show to see how everything shakes out, because that’s what I do with books also.  This is another thing about my praxis that infuriates Gabriel, in addition to my use of words like praxis: I read the end first.  I like to have the bookends, I guess literally in this case, and see how they arrive at each other.

Hey!  Shit’s starting to pop for real on Acquisitions Incorporated: The “C” Team.  There are reasons I can give but at root I have the best players, and I’ve made creating a story for them - and you - my whole deal.

If you can, come watch live on HyperRPG Thursdays at 3:30 pm PST, and join the Shadow Council in the channel (at whose pleasure we all serve).  You can also catch the Table Talk aftershow for discussion and maybe the occasional hint about what’s next.  Eventually we’ll have little “bookmark” videos you can use to catch up on arcs, but we aren’t even ten episodes in yet and it’s starting to get really cool.  Every episode is also available as a podcast as soon as it hits YouTube, it’s on “The iTunes,” but the raw feed for the old school is right here.

    (CW)TB out.

Tycho / 1 week ago

We read a fascinating article on Krontiqi called “I Paid Women To Play Overwatch With Me, And It Was Fantastic” and that headline is so robust that I don’t feel any compulsion to explain it.

I don’t know.  I feel like this sort of thing would attract fucking weirdos and I am scared by proxy.  I already know I exact a profound cost from those who spend time with me; if I could enumerate it thus, with an actual dollar amount, I would feel even worse about it than I already do.

We wanted to try some D&D at home, I have a cool D&D enabling table that I’ve used for plenty of other games but never its intended payload.  It was phenomenal and you should fucking do this.

Ronia said she wanted to be a “lady knight,” and I said no problem, all she needed was a name.  Thus was born Crystal Leaf of Edinburg.  Elliot’s Warlock is named Vololo, which I feel confident is a combination of Volo and the wololo meme.  He also says that Vololo is Omin Dran’s son.  I told him we could discuss the terms of a license.

Brenna went hard on a rogue named Ardith Hareshollow, because she’s a baller and I endorse all this 100%.

I didn’t see any reason to go end to end on character creation; the official site has sixteen pregenerated characters in zip files that have the same character done up from levels one through ten, and they’re a very solid pair of training wheels if you;re looking to spin up a family game.  I just let them handle the “i have grey eyes” portions and get familiar.  They might even have to familiarize themselves with a familiar.  It’s possible.

  One of the challenges you may face is that young people constantly do what we would call “roleplaying,” basically all the time, while they’re manufacturing their identities.  They’re actually too good at it.  Recognizing the primacy of Rule 0 in a shared imaginary space is new for them, but they picked it up pretty quick.  They had all eaten from a cache of fairy food at one point, Ardith couldn’t stop humming, Crystal Leaf was laughing in a genuine way at first that became more and more convincingly nervous after a time, and Vololo was dancing and playing a log like a piano.  If I do nothing else with my life, it’d be okay with me.  .

It made me think about what Wheelhouse Workshop does around here, using roleplaying games with therapeutically tuned adventures to build social skills.  It also made me think about the fact that when I was younger, my mom found a bunch of Dungeons & Dragons shit in my room and began to blame various physical and metaphysical phenomena on the books.  It’s taken us this long to really integrate this type of play into our society, and it’s been around for ages; if there is turmoil around videogames sometimes, it’s to be expected.  And we won’t be able to predict the endpoint.  Because what happened at my house last weekend is something I could never have imagined.


Tycho / 1 week ago

Oh, man.  We’ve got it super bad for Has Been heroes, both of us now.  What’s weird is that I told him specifically, “Hey, this is a mechanic I think you’ll find interesting, but please do not take this as a recommendation.”  He was playing it when I came in the next morning, and he was in the part of the game where you are hitting your head against it so hard, so very hard, and you are wondering why you would hit your head against it even one more time, when suddenly a crack appears.  We’re gonna play it on the stream today at 3:30pm PST, if you want to see what I mean.

I did have a few tips for him, mostly because I’d already run the battery of the system down to nothing three or four times.  The tips might have been about the game, but they may also be broadly applicable.

The most recent generation of consoles constitute highly specialized computers, more than usual.  I’m not saying that’s good or bad, but it does place them in the same continuum as the desktop machines that have been supplanted in sales and mindshare by laptops, smartphones, and other hybrid slates.  As I said before, “The Last Console Generation” has somehow morphed into a deeply truncated sequence of generations, where you’ll be asked to buy a new one every three or four years.  It’s still the same thing, though.  The Switch is not the same thing; this is seismic.  I just need a couple more things from it, and they’re all quite possible.

- Video Apps: I needs ‘em.  I don’t understand it entirely, but the WiiU became the go-to machine for video in my house.  Video capability - either for tablets or for home systems - is an expectation now, and the Switch is both, so its absence is strange.  So strange that I suspect it will be swiftly remedied.  It’s a signpost on the path to making the device indispensable.

- Cloud Saving: Even if you have a plump card up in, saved games live on the internal storage.  This is a big deal for some people, which I understand, mostly because we don’t really have much power over that data - but ultimately this data needs to live among the clouds, keeping it secret and safe, and making itself pull-downable anywhere I want to.  I hope this is is one of the unannounced features coming to their Online Service in the Fall, because info on that is pretty thin.  I want to see what the true Nintendification of Online means.

- Selection: In truth, the Nintendo Switch need be nothing more than a device that plays new Nintendo games, Nintendo eShop titles, their back catalogue, and the dank indie shit I puff on.  Give me Monster Slayers, Age of Rivals, fuckin’... Overcooked.  The ultimate destiny for the Switch is to become the premiere home for Monster Hunter, though - I have every faith - and there could be no more supreme platform for it.


Tycho / 2 weeks ago

AcqInc: Morgaen and Viari Tees!

Here’s the newest additions to the team, transmuted by forbidden sorceries into wearable garments!  Enthusiasts, of The “C” Team thus far unserved, I hear you.  We’re moving on it.


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