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Tycho / on Wed, Apr 24 2002 at 5:47 am

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It’s Too Damn Late

Last time, I promise.  I talk to somebody in Xbox PR almost every day, on pretty good terms, but they know I love them deep down.  They make it pretty hard not to.  What’s more, I’m afraid that Deathbunny will hurt me if I don’t.

I have the pink eye, the conjunctivitis, in both eyes, which is really cool because when I wake up, I can’t see anything and I fall down.  I’d gotten better (at least I thought), but then it all came back worse than before with this eye shit on top of it.  I’m going to get some antibiotics today and otherwise be unconscious, Gabe said this was okay, so I’m going to take him up on it.  I feel bad that I haven’t been more talkative, but I also feel bad just in general so it all kind of runs together.  Do stick around: with any luck Gabe will be more chipper, Batjew will be more psychotic, and perhaps Monkey will relate how he came to have such a productive union with the MSG90A1.

Did I apologize already?  I think so. 

There are birds outside; I find their joy maddening.

(CW)TB out.

sickman, sickman, sickman

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