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Gabe / on Sat, Apr 27 2002 at 3:29 pm


Everyone liked weekend news so much last time I decided to bring it back again.

I would say that about fifty percent of my e-mail is spam. Normally I just delete it and forget about it. Lately though I have decided to try a little experiment. I have been clicking the little remove links at the bottom of their messages to remove my address. I was curious if this would actually have any effect on the amount of spam I get. So far it has not. So I decided that I would start going to the companies web sites and sending messages to all the address I could find. The message is usually something quick like “get cancer” or “please die”. Today while tracking down the place where some of my spam originated I found this site.  Now the name of this company is pretty bad, “EmailStimulator” but it’s their slogan that really got me.“We always find your E-Spot”. What the fuck? My E-Spot? If they are comparing their invasive e-mail spamming to the kind of deep dicking necessary to manipulate that most sensitive of regions I’d have to agree. However I don’t find their violation of my nether regions enjoyable in the slightest. It’s like a rapist asking his victim if it feels good. I find the whole analogy a bit disconcerting. I of course went to their contact page and sent e-mails to all the addresses I could find. Since the spam they sent me came to my gabriel@penny-arcade address I know they just fished it off the website. So I find it especially infuriating when their messages arrive telling me about the special offers I “signed up to receive”. I think bullshit like this should be illegal. Until it is though, I plan on spamming them right back. In fact I think it’s time for another round of e-mails to the fine folks at EmailStimulation.

Gabe out

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