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Tycho / on Fri, Jun 28 2002 at 6:07 am

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Sanity’s Roquefort

Today’s comic concerns Eternal Darkness for the Cube, which appears to have stolen the hearts of the review industry.  Gabe’s spoken about the game a couple times already, so I might not need to.

That was a joke.

I know that I’m waiting for Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners Of The Earth, or absolutely any other product with Cthulhu in the title because I’m a complete slut where the mythos is concerned.  I just have to have them.  Do not be deceived, Eternal Darkness could not be more Cthulhu-y if you took a Cthulhu and just stuck it right there on top.  The emphasis on a “Sanity” concept should have given it away, and it did, a little, but this game might as well be called “Eternal Darkness:  By Howard Phillips Lovecraft.”  Play it for about fifteen minutes - ten - and you’ll see how thoroughly his classic horror permeates every moment.  Voice acting far above the average brings creepy-ass dialogue to life, and a parade of characters and eras actually present a story I don’t try to skip.  People who picked up a Cube largely with the RE series in mind are in for a treat.   

Warcraft III is out, well, not out out, but anyone who wants it can have it with astonishingly little effort.  I’d say that its ready distribution was perhaps linked to their handling of the Bnetd case, but it’s always been easy to get what you want online - provided that enough other people also want it.  With four and a half million orders, I’d bet many of the people who downloaded feel entitled to it, as they’re really only waiting for their legitimate copy anyhow.  I haven’t availed myself of it, not because I have an invincible moral core but because I don’t feel like I need it.  Oh, it’s going to get bought eventually, you sorta have to own Blizzard games for LAN parties and just on general principle.  I also appreciate their commitment to the Mac, and I don’t even own one of the Goddamn things.  I just think it shows some sack, and I take it upon myself to encourage the showing thereof.  But…  Yeah.  Don’t need it.  I’m already going to the prom with someone else.

Magic Online is available now, as a free download even, which was really the only sensible way to do it if they were going to charge for cards.  We spoke about it a few months ago, and since then I had a chance to tap into the beta that was floating around.  It’s definitely not going to be for me, but that’s not a review of the product - I’ve just got other stuff I want to do on my computer that isn’t that.  The best way to describe it is that it’s Magic, but…  Online.  It is exactly what you’d expect.  When you open some cards, it even plays the sound of a foil pack being torn, which shoots like pleasure lightning up the length of my spine.  I should try to fish that sound out of the game directory, because it’s really something I could listen to all day. 

Several Club members wrote in to tell me that the Father Ward comic they received was funnier than the one on the site, to which I reply, well, yes.  That was quite by design.

(CW)TB out.

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