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Gabe / on Mon, Mar 24 2003 at 9:20 am


The debate rages on in my mail box regarding Zelda and the mean things I said to the people who don’t like it. You will notice that we have a new Zelda ad over on the right side of the page today. I think that those of you suggesting some kind of Nintendo Fanboyism on my part would do well to look at today’s cartoon before you send me anymore mail on the subject. Tycho and I don’t have any special loyalties to any companies…well besides Sprite. What we do is try and support good GAMES whether they be on the GC, the PS2 or God help us even on the XBox.

With that said I would like to reiterate my stance that Zelda is one of the finest gaming experiences I have ever had. This week Nintendo is sort of testing the Penny Arcade waters with an ad that will only run for a couple days. You might remember Sega did the same thing last week. You might also remember that we asked you to please click the hell out of that ad for us. Well I thought I’d share a couple figures with you just so you know how you guys did and to sort of keep you in the loop. First you should know that the industry average click through rate (how many times an ad is shown vs. how many times it gets clicked) is under 1 percent. In fact I think it’s something like .5 percent right now. I thought that was crazy until I thought about how many times I have ever actually clicked on an ad. The click through rate for the Sega ad we ran last week was almost 7 percent. You guys are the shit. We were actually worried that Sega would look at the numbers we had and think we were lying. So if it would be possible for you guys to leverage that same kind of clicking ferocity against this new Nintendo ad we would certainly appreciate it.

I’ll probably be back with more later but I have to go get my hair cut. I want to look nice for the people in Kansas this weekend.

-Gabe out

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