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Tycho / on Wed, Apr 2 2003 at 7:34 am

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Today’s Div strip is naked, brazen fan service.  Many human beings had requests for strips while we were at the convention, and a sufficient percentage of those were for a cantankerous chunk of home theater equipment.  From atop the mountain, we have heard thee.

It’s not really a mountain.

Even the two hour difference between here and Kansas City has completely screwed me up, and I’m typically asleep when the crew is savaging the allies.  However, let it be known that my eye is fixed on the upcoming Battlefield expansion, Secret Weapons.  As I tip my hat to Evil Avatar for the link, I must say the name brought to mind Secret Weapons of The Luftwaffe, which I mention largely to build my old-school credential.  That might not be the only reason, though - to read this press release it sounds as though there may be other commonalities, like strange “flying wing” aircraft that resemble the modern B2.  Also, please let me direct your attention to the new jet-pack, which will show my Tribes 2 comparisons in a new light.  With many vehicles now sporting rocket weapons, and player-guided rockets making an appearance, it sounds as though they are making a very different game from its predecessors - which I’m fine with.  They’re also including a total of eight maps, sixteen new vehicles, and a new “objective” gameplay mode that sends shivers down my spine.  It sounds as though they took the complaints about limited content in R2R to heart.     

Hey, I linked to Threeboy, Inc.‘s comic “True Nuff” last Friday, but when I fixed a typo I must have pasted in text with no hyperlinks.  So here it is again, Goddammit.  I also read Force Monkeys, which is very good and written by minds as bright as stars.

(CW)TB out.

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