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Tycho / on Fri, Apr 18 2003 at 6:25 am

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A lot of people have been giving Sony Online shit about their new RTS Lords Of EverQuest, but I’m glad somebody finally had the balls to make a medieval real-time strategy game.  There’s really no precedent for it, and I think this kind of initiative needs to be rewarded.

I am not sure if you downloaded the Postal 2 Demo or not, but I kept forgetting to tell you about it even though it is on my mind at some point every day.  The reviews have been a mixed bag, I wasn’t expecting it to perform all that well in that context.  The full game apparently has loading issues that squeeze all the joy from the experience of playing it, so I’m certainly not saying you should rush out and invest in it.  But this demo!  While I don’t want developers to incorporate absolutely everything Running With Scissors did in it, the demo certainly exposes the “open ended gameplay” offered by many games to be a farce.  In Deus Ex, can you pee - I’m sure it would be Nano-Pee, in Deus Ex.  Can you pee on a transient’s head until they throw up?  That’s what I thought.  I didn’t do that, by the way.  The transient thing.  Publicly at least, there are many, many things I didn’t do in this demo.

It hasn’t gotten mentioned because of our dense con schedule, but we do indeed have a Club Gift for this month all lined up.  It’s going to be two pages of Over Easy this time, which will wrap up the first chapter at a good spot.  We’ll figure out if people want us to come back to OE immediately or do something else. 

I’ll be right back in just a little while, I’ll talk about Planetside and stuff.  That sounds pretty good, huh?  I have a note here that says I need to take my kitten to the kitten doctor.

(CW)TB out.

that’s all i’m gonna spend

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