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Gabe / on Mon, Jun 2 2003 at 3:00 am

I know I’m not your real dad…

It’s up to me to hold down the fort while Tycho is off gallivanting across Europe. I realized that this meant it was up to me to upload the comic strips at the appropriate times but it did not occur to me until just a few minutes ago that I would also need to produce a news post. It’s funny, back in 1998 when we started doing this PA thing we were one of only half a dozen or so web comics. We left loonygames after Jason told us that the word fuck “just isn’t a funny word” and we decided to make our own website. Being as we had not yet met Emma and had only the most rudimentary knowledge of HTML it amounted to some buttons on the left side and a big empty space on the right. Tycho said he didn’t like having all that white space on the right and that we should do something to fill it up. I told him to figure it out and he decided to write a little post to accompany each comic strip. Originally he would write posts just long enough so that they equaled the length of the buttons on the left, making the page look more balanced. As the years went by the number of buttons on the left side of the page grew and his posts became longer and longer.  He essentially invented the web comic “news post” as we all know it today in an effort to make our page not look like ass. We could have just as easily centered the buttons or put a picture of a lobster over there and accomplished the same thing. Obviously I’m glad that he revolutionized the world of web comics or whatever, but its times like this when he is gone and the news post falls on my shoulders that I think how much easier this would be if I’d just put a picture of a goddamned lobster over there.

It helps that I actually have some really exciting news to share with you all today though. We have a really cool Penny Arcade event coming up this month and we just finished finalizing all the details. Coming up on Monday, June 23rd we will be holding a Penny Arcade Soul Calibur 2 tournament at Lanwerx in Bellevue (Their website is being re done right now.). Even if you aren’t into SC2 I encourage you all to come down and hang out with us. The plan is to pack Lanwerx with as many PA fans as the law will allow. So tell your friends and tell them to tell their friends. We will have SC2 running on two gorgeous 36” televisions. The PS2 version as well as the Cube version will be available and we will have a couple of X-Arcade sticks on hand if you prefer to kick ass with one of those. You’re welcome to bring your own sticks as well. Lanwerx also has a ton of gaming rigs all set up to play whatever you can imagine. You’re welcome to come down and get your PC fix with Tycho or kick my ass at SC2. Hell, just come down and chat with us for a while. If you want something signed that’s cool too we are there to meet you guys just as much as play games. I’m not 100% sure of the time yet, chances are Tycho and I will be there pretty much all day but the tourney probably won’t start until later. There will be no cost to enter the tourney and there will be some really cool prizes provided by Kicks. If you need a map to the location you can get one here. If this turns out as cool as I think it will we might just do something like this every month.

-Gabe out

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