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Tycho / on Mon, Sep 20 2004 at 4:30 am

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Undisclosed Propensities, Part 6

And now, the conclusion of Undisclosed Propensities.  For the longest time, Continuity was something I associated with bad flavors and poor manners.  It most certainly did not come over and hang out.  Hopefully you were not inconvenienced a very great deal by our antics, which have been arrested in the very moment before a holiday software deluge that won’t subside for another three months.  Clearly, our services are required.

I keep trying to play games which are not Burnout 3, and routinely emerge from the experience disappointed.  I pop in the other stuff - Sims 2, CS: Source, what have you - because I feel like I should be consuming a more diverse media diet, but renaissance gamer credentials are simply no substitute for vehicular manslaughter.  If there’s something wrong with it, I can’t find it.  I’m prepared to call it Game of the Year.

I tend to think that my responsibility to you necessarily precludes utter fascination with a single game, but all that does is make finding such a thing a singular fixation, a fetish.  The way this usually functions is that I will glom onto something and play it with such ferocity that I either discover its deep flaws or simply burn the game out, like a lightbulb, switching it out.  The last game I had this level of devotion to was Rallisport 2, which I delighted in like a consort.  I wouldn’t say that I discovered deep flaws in the game per se, but there was a race that took place in pitch darkness on dark brown mud roads that I found fiendish and unnecessary.  I also tend toward seizure by Popcap games, but in this company I never know whether to admit that or not.  I revel in the sheer disposability of them, I think.  I’m just as comfortable spending sixty to seventy hours on a single tactical game or RPG, but disengaging my active mind and urging fish to squeeze a gold coin from their anus is something I heartily recommend. 

I can assure you that I have not oversold my current paramour, Burnout 3 - indeed, I have even withheld information so that there might be something left for you to discover.  For example, I have not covered the single-player events in any real detail, and there is more!  I am your dutiful servant in this matter.  Now, go trade in some Goddamn games and get with the fucking program. 

(CW)TB out.

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