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Tycho / on Fri, Jan 14 2005 at 4:30 am

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I have something that will pierce your neck, commandeer your nervous
system and shape your will.

Resident Evil 4 needs no media advocate.  A recent addition to the most famous horror series ever, it was also one of the hotly anticipated “Capcom Five.”  People have been waiting for it years now, since that first video with the flowing silk, and every game in the series has been re-released on the Cube in preparation.  The game is actually kind of frustrating, in the same way that Crystal Chronicles is frustrating - and I’m not referring to the gameplay, so close your mail client.  When someone actually yokes the Gamecube and turns it to some prodigious task, it’s capable of the most astonishing feats.  Nintendo themselves tend to marshal its power mostly in the service of some cartoon ideal, and it is more than capable in that regard - but to say that it is the most underutilized system ever is to make an unassailable statement of pure truth.

Features and feature alterations to the Resident Evil formula are fairly well publicized now, but one of the most significant is that there are actually stores.  When I say Stores, I mean some kind of weird leper guy, but he has things for you to buy and that’s really the only prerequisite.  We screw around with it in the strip itself, but honestly we’re enraptured with the idea - enmeshed in that concept is also the very RPG notion of weapon upgrades and configurations, and the Diablo style grid inventory even allows for some item juggling.  For example, in a backpack that already had an arsenal and the ammunition to realize any number of grim workplace fantasies, with careful manipulation I was also able to find room for a gigantic black bass.  I was not consciously aware that what I really wanted from Resident Evil was the ability to cleverly store my seafood.  After I’d done it, I felt warm all over for an hour

I hope that you are reading the post on some kind of portable device, en route to a retail outlet, because I only have one more tip and it will only take a second.  Resident Evil taught us to cherish each special bullet because they are Super Rare, rare like gems.  So when playing the game initially, I was very circumspect with my action instincts because I knew Capcom was waiting for me to run out of ammo so they could screw me with some mutant dong.  What you will find out right away is that Capcom, the same Capcom that made you run around a single house for hours and go back and forth between boxes, doesn’t want you to be frustrated or bored or ineffectual.  Not only are bullets all over the place anyway, the guys you shoot with the bullets often drop bullets themselves.  You’re supposed to get into big, setpiece style gunfights and emerge victorious. 

Imagine that.

(CW)TB out.

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