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Tycho / on Mon, May 9 2005 at 10:28 am

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A Whimsical God, Part Four

We think of the things we do here as extremely ridiculous.

So, for example, if we should tell you that we have purchased exclusive rights to create comics based on videogames, and I bolster this point in the post instead of deflecting it, to us the notion is so preposterous on the face of it that no-one could come away with the wrong impression.

Also, “Gabriel” and I do fight sometimes - but it’s more about the role of religious faith in modern society, and not about whether or not Scott Kurtz has been nominated for an award of some kind.  But I liked writing as though it were the case - I thought that ambiguity was tantalizing.  Still fundamentally ridiculous, still basically impossible to believe, but playing along with our own storyline was a lot of fun.

You probably know where this is going.

It’s pretty flattering to think that Dr. Raven Darktalon Blood would be made into a feature film.  I can also tell you with absolute assurance that Penny Arcade will never see that kind of success.  The idea that filming would begin two days after we announced it does seem odd to me, but if I’m there in the post telling you I’m flying somewhere, it’s only because I want to back up the comic with odd facts and revelations that create doubt as to whether the whole thing is a joke.  Which it is, most assuredly.  So if I were to post a comic today, done in the inimitable style of Harry Knowles, that might have broken the spell - but I’m honestly not sure.  Mike did a sort of casting call which we felt was pretty over the top, and all it got him was warm congratulations on his astute selection of Donnie Wahlberg. When he suggested that the New Kids On Block should endure forever, i.e. “Hang Tough,” certainly this would give the game away!  It did not.

I can’t really blame people for taking to heart the things I write in this space, things for them to read and believe.  I was trying to heighten it somewhat and apparently it worked, at least for some.  But adding comic information out here in the “clean zone” of the post is indistinguishable from lying to you, and I’m sorry.

(CW)TB out.

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