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Gabe / on Fri, Aug 4 2006 at 4:34 am

Two things

Someone asked me this week why I only seem to post about Penny Arcade related business lately. It’s a fair question and I guess the answer is we just have a lot of shit going on right now. Someone needs to talk about it and honestly I don’t mind doing it. So here I go:

Page 5 of our Prey comic book is now online. The idea was to create sort of a 1950’s guide to surviving an alien invasion. We took a cue from old videos like Duck and Cover. We tried to infuse our Narrator with that same charming naiveté. No matter how terrible an event might be, say for instance a nuclear war, as long as have a blanket you’ll be fine.

Also we have three new shirts available in the store. The new Beach poster was scheduled to go up today as well but it’s still being printed. It should be online next week. Here are the three new shirt designs:

Merch Kids

Pure Hell (Also available in Babydoll)

Skull Pad

-Gabe out

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