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Tycho / on Fri, Nov 20 2009 at 12:00 am

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The Fullness Of Time

New Super Mario Brothers Wii is marriage poison.

I wouldn’t play this game with any person you want to see again.  In its multiplayer interpretation, which I suggest be referred to as “Divorce Mode,” choreographing your platform jumps in a way that does not interfere with another person’s basic game interactions can be quite difficult - particularly in portions where player movement itself can kill teammates while you progress the level, or when the natural scroll of the camera can kill those who lag behind. One of these two things is almost always happening, though.  So hm.  

That is to say nothing of the proper distribution of powerups, which is a process fraught with concentrated danger.

We’ve discovered a way to enjoy Tony Hawk Ride, we have developed a technology for doing so, and if you were snookered into purchasing it to satisfy some idle curiosity and now you are stuck with this useless Goddamned facsimile, perhaps you may avail yourself of it.  When Sega released the arcade simulator Top Skater twelve years ago, they recognized that most people who want to skate, but can’t - that is to say, the sort of person who might seek out a simulation - don’t have the kind of balance required to astound people at skate parks.  To this end, they introduced two parallel bars whose purpose is to allow the player the ability to stand upright while interacting with some semblance of mastery.  We use the back of a couch, but a chair might also be acceptable.  The basic idea is to account for the natural inclination of the body to fall on the ground when doing parkour in your fucking living room.

It’s really quite strange: games of this kind, by which I mean peripheral games, typically allow ordinary people to engage in a kind of assisted fantasy.  This is a game that actually punctures the fantasy, one that reinforces and almost codifies the user’s ineptitude.  As a product strategy, it must certainly be called unique.  

Speaking of Ride, I saw something truly bizarre at Kotaku: in an article referencing Giant Bomb’s video excursion into the title, the author suggested that they were “still waiting” on a copy for review.  Waiting on what, I wonder - certainly not the retail release, which has deposited this bullshit in stores nationwide.  Has the notion of actually purchasing software become entirely alien for these people? 

(CW)TB out.

the prophet of the alleys

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