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Tycho / on Fri, Oct 26 2012 at 12:01 am

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The Harry Potter shit at Universal Studios is off the hook, I am told.  It is, among other things, the place where viral wand videos are produced.  There is also a “broom ride,” which takes place in some kind of projected dome, whose potpourri of stimuli can ask hard questions of your equilibrium.  These hard questions can have, as their answer, an eruption of whole milk and Fruit Loop paste with considerable force and range.

You might have heard that PAX Australia had been announced, and that it takes place on on July 19-21, specifically in Melbourne, which is apparently pronounced “Mel’Bin.”  It’s cool, I got this.

  People have asked us questions about the show, and I know the answers.  If you are wondering who all from Penny Arcade is going, we are all going.  Even my mom is fucking going; we’re gonna do it up big.  It’s been in the works for about a year now, and as far as what kind of show we intend to bring, we intend to bring PAX.  Concerts, Exhibition, Indie visibility, a custom Omegathon, all of it.  We’re bringing this:

I want to bring a show where wonders are so commonplace you see shit like in the picture above this text and are like, “whatever.”  We’re about halfway through the allotment of 3-day passes so far, and early bird pricing is still available if you want to register.

More housekeeping, in that we’ve got a new Artist over at The Trenches - Mary Cagle, who sometimes called “cubewatermelon” in the same way that Gandalf the White is sometimes called “Stormcrow.”  She’s got her own comic as well, Kiwi Blitz, which is not about testing.  Scott, Gabe and I still write Trenches, but with Scott starting up Table Titans - yes, another new comic - we were running up on the limits of his frail human body.  Anyway, she’s fucking killing it.  So, if you were curious why the art had suddenly gotten way better, now you know.

(CW)TB out.

an illustrated book about birds

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