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Tycho / on Fri, Nov 29 2019 at 10:52 am


We’ll see what today’s episode of The Mandalorian brings us, I guess, but the first three episodes are essentially a trilogy of television length shows that constitute - in aggregate - the best Star Wars movie Disney has produced.  Solo and Rogue One evoke certain genres - heist and war, respectively - nestled in yards upon yards of comforting, nostalgic fleece.  The Mandalorian just feels like Star Wars, because Star Wars was already a Western.  They resonate at the same frequency.

Cultural inertia might land me in a movie theater to watch Rise of Skywalker, I may just find myself deposited there like silt, or I might go because the alternative is to be with family that has invited itself to my house.  It’s not a priority.  But I watch The Mandalorian the day it comes out and then I watch it again with my family at night.  Ironically, given its unsavory history, Live Action Television is the best thing that’s happened to Star Wars yet.  If the Marvel shit they do has anything like the care they’ve put in here, if they’re prepared to be honest with themselves about why this works, things get scary fast if you’re trying to array yourself against them in this space.

There is a bunch of cool new stuff on the store because today is an important Store Day.  I’ll pull a few things out later, but for now I’m going to go help Brenna in the kitchen.

(CW)TB out.

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