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Tycho / 2 days ago

I have had tons of Star Wars ships for awhile, but nobody to play with really; they sit beautifully on the shelf, LIKE MY DREAMS.  Is that too much?  Is it the capitalization, or the twee sentiment?  In any case, X-Wing is a neat game with robust genes - so robust, in fact, that its systemic brood is multitudinous.  Star Trek: Attack Wing, for example, is the same bones, but virtuously and uniquely executed.  Dungeons And Dragons: Attack Wing I haven’t played, but incorporates ground combat; it might be unfair and superficial to include Plaid Hat’s Tail Feathers in this list, more of a cousin by marriage maybe, but it’s at least adjacent to the greater constellation.  Oh!  And Sails of Glory.  I, uh…  I like skirmishy wargames.  Primarily because they’re more likely to actually get played, wherever my deeper affections may lie.

In any case.

My suspicion, given the heap of sci-fi plastic he has piled on his Bespin playmat, is that this probably won’t be the only strip we do on it.  There’s lots to say.  Gabriel allowed me to have what I wanted most in this strip, even though the entire production is an attempt to shame him, by having Tycho slobber on a card.  It was a moist indulgence that is deeply appreciated.

It is a fact universally acknowledged that all Microsoft rumors are true, so I haven’t taken any time out to contact the people I know over there to verify it.  There’ll be a slim model this year, and a potent upgrade next year that is apparently designed to skullfuck the Playstation 4 Neo.  I will tell you one thing that I know for certain: the ResolutionGate stuff drives Microsoft completely fucking crazy.  Apparently they’re tired of that.  This also allows them to get into the VR game with the Oculus Rift as their platform.  In, like, 2017.  But yeah.

Microsoft has a lot less to lose than Sony pushing out new hardware.  Where compatibility breaks used to be an incentive to upgrade, I don’t think that’s an aspirational thing for the consumer anymore - it’s just wasted money.  That’s why they’re going fucking hard on this Backward Compatibility stuff, and they’re using terms like “Forward Compatibility,” which I think might just be “compatibility.”  This is also what their thus far weirdly communicated and partially manifested “Universal Windows Platform” is about.  You can drop one product that knows where it’s being run, and it behaves accordingly on Xbox One, PC, this new Xbox, whatever.

Chris Kohler has it completely right when he says we’ll buy consoles like phones, with everything that implies.  A new iPhone 6 Plus, after taxes, is over a thousand dollars - but nobody does that.  They pay incrementally, or they exchange old hardware.  It’s “hardware as a service.”  I thought for sure this was the last console generation, right, except now we’re getting two and half times as many.  The ecosystem changed underneath them, and to survive they must become strange beasts.

(CW)TB out.

Tycho / 4 days ago

This is only for the comic!  I play Roadhog or Torbjörn, unless we’re doing well and I feel comfortable experimenting - Soldier 76 and Reinhardt are both robust ships of the line type champs, or heroes I guess, everybody has to have their name for it; I’m partial to Brutals, myself.  Reinhardt is a nice tarpit and Soldier 76 is fuckin’ workhorse.  I want to have them in my back pocket.

Kara is actually the healer.  And I vote for her at the end when she comes up to be honored.  Which she basically always does.  And sometimes I glow because she has returned my spirit to my body, restoring my life.  So Kara’s pretty cool.  I’ve never played a support character in Overwatch even once, even though “that’s what I do.”  Zarya is a neat twist on the support norm, and that’s about as close as I get; she deploys shields on herself and others, and when those shields take damage it boosts her own damage.  She’s a savory combination of Gork and Mork.

All the pieces of a game are here, with quick matches between a copious, potentially even cornucopial toybox of fully poseable figurines.  It’s a testament to these ingredients that it works, because as a shooter there aren’t that many ways to engage with it.  I don’t think Overwatch is going anywhere, though: I think it’s probably best to say that Overwatch is a platform which can be arranged in a number of valid configurations.  It’s not a MOBA, for example.  But it could be.  In a heartbeat.  It can be a wave-based cooperative game.  They can test things in weekly Brawls that become permanent fixtures, and modes can emerge organically.  So, I like Overwatch.  A lot.  But I also think this is a space that will tolerate, and to my mind demands, a highly exploratory, iterative philosophy long after launch.

We’re playing it on PS4, which is to say, Gabriel is playing it on PS4 and if I want to play with him that’s where I have to do it.  My Roadhog hook percentage is in the shitter switching to the gamepad - I had a good thing going, before.  Thus far, he has not chastised me overmuch.

(CW)TB out.


A little while back I started using Instagram again. I’ve been posting lots of sketches and WIP stuff. If you like seeing the behind the scenes stuff and watching comics come together then you should check it out.

-Gabe out

First 15: RE6

I think this First 15 was one of my favorites. Check out Tycho and I playing the first bit of Resident Evil 6 HD.

Also I decided to get into the X-Wing miniatures game on Saturday. I have already been to the hobby store twice since then. I’m in real trouble here folks.

-Gabe out

Tycho / 6 days ago

I want to emphasize from the outset that I bear these birds no ill will.  I am a friend to birds.  And I completely understand why they might love my fucking vent: I live in a what is functionally a giant tree, of comparatively cavernous internal volume, and it has a little hole in it which occasionally emits warm, fragrant air.  If I made nests, I would make one inside this vent.  Like, forthwith.

I had rats in my house once, and there is something about the sound of an unseen claw scraping that peels the skin off your head.  It could not be less okay.  I’m down with the occasional chirrup.  But I was given the task of evicting these interlopers, and I was surprised at just how granular the various fraternities formed around this issue are.  I had to call a bunch of different places, revolving a kind of cosmic tumbler until I found the right combination of animal hatred and mercenary greed.

I talked about how sort of tertiary, non-game applications of virtual reality felt very futuristic to me, more futuristic than the sense of being embodied in a multi-sensory electronic hallucination, because they’re functions ported from reality.  I forgot it, but there was a non-VR thing that had occurred in the car on the way in that morning which I forgot to mention, but I thought you would find it interesting anyway.  These thoughts will fill the wasted hours before the release of Overwatch.

  A couple years ago, there were a series of telemarketing calls that made the media rounds.  There must be some kind of sticky resin on an idea for it to travel these channels, and in this case it was because the Telemarketer was automated, but refused to admit that it was automated.  It had a number of excuses for why you were wrong about it being automated, which it would deploy in a sequence.  I love these things; I am always messing with them.

I received one about the Marriot or some shit, they wanted me to roll through or whatever and activate social media, but I replied instead, “Are you a Robot?” because I’d heard this intro before and liked the responses.

Except it said “Yes.”  And my forehead began to perspire a little, because I don’t know that I’d ever heard a robot say this.  I understand that it’s just a recording, don’t get me wrong.  I know it’s not the fucking WOPR.  It’s about how it feels, which presages a reality where such things coalesce.

I said, “Wait.  You’re a cyborg?”

“Yes,” it said.  So far, so good.  Then, it said:

“Is that okay?”

(CW)TB out.

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