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Tycho / 13 hours ago

I Feel Like Streamin’

I’m gonna have Gabe break down some of this Forza Horizon 3 shit for me.  Maybe you are curious also?


Tycho / 13 hours ago

Want to work on PAX?

There are a couple opportunities to PAX it up with our partner ReedPOP.  Here are two jobs in Norwalk, Connecticut, which you should absolutely check out:

PAX Content Manager
PAX Content Coordinator

What is the difference between a Content Manager and a Content Coordinator?  Good question; it’s all in the links.  This next job is not in Norwalk, CT.  In fact it is very far away from there, because it is for PAX Aus (which is fast approaching and you should buy tickets!):

PAX Aus Sales Manager (Sydney)

Let’s make some shows.


Tycho / 17 hours ago

Success And Its Opposite

Gabe is playing an Xbox game at home, alone, and without compulsion - specifically, Forza Horizon 3.  I don’t know what caused this to happen, but it’s happening and we have to deal with that.  Specifically, I have to deal with that.

I grabbed a copy after being coated in his effusions, and with a jaunty spirit, named my international racing mogul Sloth.  In my mind I can see his business card, and underneath where it says Sloth is a curl of italicized cursive that says “It’s Ironic.”

I want to know way, way more before I talk about it, but the initial impressions are really, really good.  You have to play for awhile before “Horizon Online” materializes, but once it does, it offers some highly novel options: modes for unbridled adventure, and even a way to approach the campaign content together.  Loneliness is what keeps me out of the racing space in general, and their approach is making me feel things.  Fans of The Crew, of course, are shaking their heads.

Two important things to consider today.  The first is an unbridled attempt to tantalize you that is almost beyond cruelty and ventures into a kind of hesitant sadism:

'He turns pals into pyres with his unfriendly fires.' #comingsoon #pinnyarcade #acqinc

A photo posted by Penny Arcade (@pamegacorp) on

Do with this information what you will.  Common responses thus far have been salivation and the sort of shuddering one sees at down home tent revivals.

It was also my great pleasure to talk with Theresa Duringer over at Temple Gates, creators of Ascension VR, about…  well, I won’t lie to you.  We talked about Ascension VR, in a brand new Tycho Tries.

I’ve said it before, and lo, here is another opportunity: the approach she and her team took with this game from a presentation perspective is fascinating, and they’re just getting fucking started over there.  I can’t wait to see what huge interactivity problem they solve next.

(CW)TB out.

Tycho / 2 days ago

Call For PAX South Enforcers!

PAX Aus fast approaches, but there is another.

As one of the ancient pillars of PAX, the Enforcers are one of the mystic elements that separate it from other shows - and you can literally embody this difference.  Check out the Enforcer page for South and, thus inspired, take a moment to fill out the application.  Here’s some Qs, with the As placed in close proximity:

Q: Do Enforcers get a free pass?
A: Yes! Also a neat staff shirt.

Q: Do Enforcers get paid?
A: Yes!

Q: How many days/hours would I have to work?
A: Enforcers must commit to working a minimum of one one 5-6 hour shift each day of PAX.

Q: How old do I have to be to Enforce?
A: Enforcers must be minimum 18 years old.

Q: Can people from other countries apply?
A: Unfortunately, no. Enforcers must able to work legally in the US.

Other questions can be directed to or @Peeardee on Twitter.


Tycho / 3 days ago

I never waver on whether a computer is the best place to play games; that’s a given for me.  Consoles will always be like a weird friend of Gabriel’s I am forced to endure.  Where I do occasionally wander, where my position does occasionally vibrate ever so slightly, is how much I like engaging in Satanic rituals as a prefix to my leisure activities.

It’s never going to be zero.  I’m always going to exhort Satan and his Demonic Lieutenants to inhabit the Ritual Box.  And Gabriel wants to give me shit or whatever because he just pushes a button and then fun comes out, but I keep thinking about The Little Red Hen.  Right?  He doesn’t want to interact with wheat.  I think of PC gaming as a process, which culminates in playing a game.  He thinks of PC gaming as a kind of farm league, where worthies are winnowed out from the writhing masses, and elevated to his cloud castle.

I like being there when things happen.  And that means being where things happen.  I want to see some filthy creature, made mostly of slime, like, slime, one leg, and an eyeball, flop out onto the beach and just pant there for awhile as their lungs figure out how to be lungs.  I want to sift the universes that are created and destroyed every second on these machines; I want to be where these dangerous missives and doomed bottle messages come to rest.

(CW)TB out.

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