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Gabe / 4 hours ago

PAX East Cover!

PAX East is coming up quick and I wanted to share the cover for this years guide.

(you can click that image for a big version)

See you at the show!

-Gabe out

Tycho / 6 hours ago

Like many multiplayer shooters, Overwatch is also a place to hang out.  That’s more or less how I’ve used it; I felt like I understood it as much as was necessary to provide incisive, GoldenBoy-tier commentary on the failures I generate simply by being around.

Gleeb felt like playing Overwatch with Kara on the stream last Friday, so we did, and when I started navigating Moira’s approach to things I got hooked.  So slow, but with a weird ghosty dash? Ikarugan, multipolarity skills?  I was in love immediately. I’d seen the kit on paper, didn’t get me back in.  One round later I was purchasing shrine components on Prime Now.

Now they’ve got Brigitte - which sounds something like b’di-gih-tuh - and there’s every possibility that these two are going to get me back in here for something more permanent.  Gabe’s nuts about her, though, so I might not get many opportunities.  It’s the versatility in both of these cases that really turns my head: I played a Goblin Shaman back in Warhammer: Age Of Reckoning, and it founded such a robust conception of what support could mean that I haven’t really seen investigated again until heroes like Zarya. 

What Brigitte does is:

- Thresh motherfuckers with her whippy flail
- Rad ranged knockback
- Ranged, targetable heal that can “overheal” as armor
- Her ult functionally broadcasts regenerating “armour”
- Everytime she hits with the flail she applies a HoT to nearby allies
- Oh yeah and she has an energy shield she can stun you with so that’s cool

  I want to do all those things.  I understand why they don’t want to commit themselves to releasing these characters into the Overwatch League ecosystem, even though I think this is an interesting way “electronic sports” is different from traditional ones - I’d love to see the upset potential of a new tool like this for some of these staid comps.

At 2pm PST, we’re gonna load up A Way Out and stream like crazy.  It’s from the crew that made Brothers: A Tale Of Two Sons, which is really all I needed to hear.

(CW)TB out.

Tycho / 2 days ago

The story is very, very old, and you know it already, but I can distill it for you.  A new online game came out and it doesn’t really work.

At least, it doesn’t work for Mike, or his family.  We’ve catalogued the level of functionality he’s been able to glean in the strip.  It seems like some people can get on, at some times, so I’ve included this fact pursuant to the Reasonable Rhetoric clause all public intellectuals are meant to uphold.  Now that I’ve done it, I’m weapons free.

But I don’t even want to be mad.  I’m dad mad, at best; that anger that burns at a reliable, reproducible rate like a starter cube in a charcoal chimney.  I represent the utility smolder.  This is the anger whose only outward expression is to establish that you have performed below expectations.  You are loved throughout.  But there is a gulf, a kind of void, between your potential and your actions and when you force me to live in that place I resent it.

See?  I’ve been dadding for a long time.  I can ride that edge.

They were engaged in a dangerous project to begin with, and I’d have been put well at ease if they’d launched well, launch - of course - being a nautical term.  The fact is that there are a substantial number of players who apparently can’t get an erection unless numbers fly all over the screen when they do something.  They don’t know how to feel if they aren’t constantly told they’re a good consumer by the games they play, and so the prospect of a game world that responds to you in a naturalistic way is the same as one that doesn’t respond at all.  Rare made something very, very special here, so special that people don’t have a mental bin for it.  I feel like there’s a window here where the concept can prove itself out and I want it to have the best chance of doing so - this means, among other things, that people can log in and play.

I’m looking over at Twitch right now and it looks like all kinds of people can get on, and there’s over a hundred thousand people watching others play.  This is how I want it to go.  I want it to live a long time, and that means letting people see the game I know.

(CW)TB out.

Tycho / 4 days ago

We were trying to figure out The Ninja Phenomenon before he was playing with rappers or some shit, and now it’s even more difficult to pull this apart.  But we can talk about the sort of shit this motherfucker gets up to on his stream.

The shooter substrate beneath his play is excellent.  His UI manipulation is cartoonishly fast.  His building looks instinctual.  I can understand each of these modes in essence because I do primitive versions of them.  But for a normal person, a human person whose soul is not in hock to Lucifer, they aren’t all happening at the same time.  When I think about building something, and I’m aware that this is why I will never accomplish anything in this context, it’s like changing a cartridge in the Switch.  Whatever was happening before kinda stops.  Then I prepare a mind with perfect readiness for the task.  Now, I’m ready to make a single wall.

The state of play at the higher tier of execution in Fortnite is more like a wizard duel than a shooter.  They travel around like fucking Iceman, creating paths as they are required.  They aren’t two separate games at all: they’re literally creating mazes around each other and orchestrating fucking SPACE as a fundamental part of the fight.  I would be scared to death if I played in a game where I saw something like the shit he does.  I would assume he was outside my window, ready to jump in, having just fashioned a haunted spire.

Uh…  yeah.  So, watch this video, drawn more or less at random but also representative, and then think back to the cries of PUBG cloning.  Maybe it looked like that at first because we could not imagine a Ninja yet.

(CW)TB out.

Tycho / 1 week ago

YouTube is Broadcast Television and Twitch is Cable.  Does that sound about right?  Am I close?  I feel like that happened really fast.  YouTube’s true audience is Unilever or whoever the fuck.  Multinational Hydrae bound in circles of salt by public markets.  Twitch is the warping House of Chaos that dances in fire.  You have no idea what kind of angel or devil is going to splup out of some inky hole and currently - currently - that is a market advantage.

Having chiddlers is like having an ambulatory weathervane in your house that walks around and gets batted here and there by the ghostly winds of the larger culture.  You can sense the larger currents very easily with the use of these precision devices, and you can make them at home.

A year ago, kids wanted to be YouTubers and now they want to be Ninja.  I don’t really see a universe where this force moves backward.  Twitch is where you go to have your optic nerve overridden by audiovisual sucrose.  YouTube is now where you go to learn that your uncle is a racist.

Everything is rotting in real time, including things that are as much of an assumption as YouTube.  It is vitally important that we remember a few things: When Penny Arcade started, there was no YouTube.  Indeed, broadband was not common.  Mobile browsing of the kind that makes up the bulk of today’s usage was science fiction.  People have this idea that history is over; that’s just some place where dumb people without our profound intellect beat rocks together.  In truth, there is no present at all; we live in the heat and pressure of the past grinding against the future.

(CW)TB out.

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