PAX East 2016 April 23rd 6:30PM ET Boston Convention Center Live on Twitch

Come Witness The Grudge Match of The Century


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Tycho and Gabriel will choose teams from their closest allies, confidants, and bannerpersons


The History of The Watch

The History of The Watch

Gabe & Tycho - or Mike and Jerry, same guys - don't play games against each other. They just don't. Their relationship is super fraught, and they can't compartmentalize. So, they don't play games against each other. Never. Never, ever. Not for real. If they do, it's only in a public place, like an arms deal. They play co-op games together, or single player games side-by-side.

The Watch is a running gag which has run for almost twenty years, most recently due to the demands of the audience during the regular "Make a Strip" panel at PAX.