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Tycho / 2 days ago

My affection for beasts is well known; gaze ye upon my archive, and despair. So it should be no surprise that I also love Fantastic Beasts. And because I love them, Grobb Salad cannot. That's just how it is. He didn't understand that this was the start of a planned series of films; that might have soothed him somewhat. As a single movie, maybe it don't work so good. Maybe there's too much scaffolding. For my part, I would accept a reading that either makes the film a scaffold or a…

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Gabe / 2 days ago

I’m a Twitcher

I’m really starting to dig these live drawing streams. The chat has been fun and it’s nice having some company while I draw. If you’d like to join one of the live streams, I do them Tuesday mornings at 10:00am PST for now. Yesterday was a fun one as I was drawing while at the same time trying to manage our new puppy. This is Gracie and yesterday during the stream she made it very difficult to draw. "A house is not a home without a dog". This is our new pup Gracie. She is very…

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Tycho / 4 days ago

Brenna did, in fact, sign us up for dick school. And it was probably a good idea; what we learned in the first fifteen minutes of class was that none of our parents ever told us shit. And who knows; maybe we would have maintained that policy. I'd like to think I'd do better, and I should; I have twice the experience. The course is called "Great Conversations," a title at which the boy scoffed. He had low expectations re: conversation quality. He did grow still a little later, though,…

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Gabe / 5 days ago

Art Stream

I'm just gonna update this post with the finished video, in case you missed the live stream yesterday. Watch live video from on I will be drawing on Twitch again tomorrow morning around 10:00am PST or so. Tycho jumped into the one yesterday and we had a super good time with the chat. Come hang out with us! -Gabe out

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