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Tycho / 2 days ago

(My first iteration of this post was thoroughly dramatic on account of an open italics tag. Let's try this again.) Somehow, and the route is somewhat odd, but somehow we became: - Creators of a comic which posits gaming as a discrete culture - Founders of a convention based on same So far, so good. But then we also became - Founders of a charity that delivers toys and games around the globe as though Santa Claus were real and knew what games were cool which is a little oblique maybe from…

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Tycho / 4 days ago

This is how I tried to explain to Gabriel how wrong he was, about Gears, certainly, but also about every other topic. Hummus. Cravats. There's simply a disconnect between him and the reality we experience. I'm fucking with him of course, but I also believe what I said. Anytime the environment is more than just occlusion, my proposal is that we're talking about something that isn't a straight shooter. It was when I realized that I thought of a Gears level not as a three dimensional space…

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Gabe / 1 week ago


I was able to secure a PSVR at my local Fred Meyer yesterday morning and spent a good chunk of the day exploring the virtumal realms. I’ve had some bad experiences with VR in the past and so this time I decided to take some Dramamine before donning the headset. I wasn’t sure it would work but it did and I was able to play a bunch of games without any nausea. The setup was incredibly easy and I was playing games within 10 minutes or so of cracking open the box. There’s really just a…

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Tycho / 1 week ago

I've told the story before, because it is very instructive, and bears retelling: My father-in-law grew up on an "orchard," a word I never really had the opportunity to consider deeply before. That's a weird fucking word. But they were surrounded by fruit, it was literally suspended in the air around them, and it was a common thing for people to eat peaches off trees, because they were peaches. My father-in-law understood that there was definitely something about peaches that people liked. …

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