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Tycho / 18 hours ago

PAX Aus 2018 Pinny Arcade Pin Quest!

The task has fallen to me yet again, as Mork is in a plane or something. But I know my way around these now - I've developed techniques. There's some really fun inside jokes being made in pin form here, and I love it. PARTNER PINS Margarita and Popper Pins [Giant Margarita] There will be daily giveaways with our “Beat the Devs Challenge” from 1pm - 2pm and the pins will also be available for purchase at the Giant Margarita booth PR31. Pixel Pin [Checkpoint] Available for sale at…

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Tycho / 21 hours ago

Gabe oscillates at two to three times my rate when it comes to a hunger for technological novelty. I'm not without the hunger entirely, it's just that I don't… Hm. I don't see it? I can read a comic book without ever looking at the pictures. It drives him nuts. I don't need them, though, and they're not why I was reading it. It's like this with tech also: I have a purpose, and the device enables the purpose, but the middle section is like the second step of a sequence that culminates…

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Tycho / 3 days ago

Once, when we were streaming the creation of the strip on The Tweatch, it came up that beaver assholes are a prized font of delicious vanilla flavor. Which is sort of true. Let's break it down: 1. It's not the asshole. It's some other holes right by the asshole. Is that better? Who knows. 2. Squeezing beaver ass every time you want something to taste like vanilla is super inefficient, which is why it's almost never used for this purpose anyway. Is that better? Who knows. In any…

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Tycho / 5 days ago

I keep meaning to check what the percentages are of people who played through the Call of Duty campaigns, but I don't really have to, because I've bought a few of these and interacted with them in precisely the way Black Ops 4 suggests I did: by going directly to the multiplayer mode. Or pehaps more appropriately, "modes." I was hanging out with Acquisitions Intoxicated brewmaster Eric Benson over the weekend, and he hadn't played a "cod" in a minute so I made sure to remedy this fact. If…

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