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Bad Penny Pin [Asmodee]
Play a demo of KeyForge at the Fantasy Flight Games booth #2801 to receive the pin.

Mesozooic Pin [Asmodee]
Play a demo of Mesozooic at the Z-Man Games booth #2701 to receive the pin.

Bargain Quest Cat Pin [Bargain Quest Games]
Available for purchase at the Bargain Quest booth #2935 and the Renegade Games booth #2713.

20th Anniversary Kobolds Ate My Baby Pin [9th Level Games]
Available for purchase at the 9th Level Games booth #3048.

Flumph Pin [The Role Initiative]
Available for purchase at the D&D Adventurers League area in room #113. Anyone wearing either last year’s pin or this years pin while playing gets a special surprise for their characters!

Mixtape Pin [Breaking Games]
Available for purchase at the Breaking Games booth #2515.

Kill Doctor Lucky Pin [Cheapass Games]
Available for purchase at the Cheapass Games booth #2458 or discounted with demo.

Bubble Fish Pin [PlayFusion]
Available for purchase the Lightseekers booth #3033.

Champions of Midgard Pin [Grey Fox Games]
Available for purchase at the Grey Fox Games booth #1913.

The Shared Dream “Faces” Pin [ODAM Publishing]
Available for purchase at the ODAM Publishing booth #2033.

Nut So Fast Pin [Smirk & Dagger Games]
Available for purchase at the Smirk & Dagger Games booth #3049.

Castle Pin [Stronghold Games]
Available for purchase at the Stronghold Games booth #2915.

Spectrum Medallion Pin [Toronto Gaymers]
Available for purchase in the Diversity Lounge.

Tuesday Knight Pin [Tuesday Knight]
Available for purchase or with any purchase of $20 or more at the Tuesday Knight Games booth #2856.


PAX Unplugged 2018 Show Pins

PAX Unplugged 2018 Pin Set
Available at the Official PAX Merch Booths located in the Expo Hall and the Level 2 lobby.

Limited Edition PAX Unplugged 2018 Pin
ONLY available at the Level 2 lobby PAX Merch Booth.


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-Gabe out

I like Fallout a lot, and I have for a long time; I also have a pretty robust history of bouncing hard off the genre I conceptualize as “Steam Survival Darlings.”  It’s pretty clear that this isn’t meant to be “the next fallout game” in anything but the most literal sense, i.e. it’s not Fallout 5, no matter how hard you might want that to be the case.  You will be incredibly unhappy trying to map that desire over Fallout 76 - so unhappy, in fact, that it might just not be for you.

Gabriel the Younger loves the game, which I find interesting.  He wants to play it with his Dad and his Dad plays it with him, even if for Gabriel The Elder - who is called Morak, in the elf-speech - it’s not Fallout.  Talking with him this morning, what became clear very quickly was that Fallout and V.A.T.S., as originally conceived, are functional synonyms for him.  That is to say, Fallout is a game where you can stop (or drastically slow) time and make a tactical decision.  The little high-impact movies it creates, the grimdark slapstick, are the ground floor of the experience.  He also likes listening to the radio.  Of course, I came from an entirely different Fallout tradition from him and had to integrate changes already.  But V.A.T.S. was already a concession to people like me and its 76 incarnation, as a kind of auto-aim powerup, is even further afield.  Gabriel the younger is utterly without these ancient preconceptions and, as a result, plays a game he quite enjoys because it is akin to the types of games he likes, what you might call Now Games, with a novel flesh laid upon it of worship for an age that was already old when his father was a boy.

No plan survives contact with the enemy, as they say; I suspect they have already learned things about their own game and the people who play it that are terrifying to them.  I fully believe that Fallout 76 is an experiment that similar to Elder Scrolls Online will discover itself with time.  I just don’t feel the need to be in there while it happens.

(CW)TB out.

Drawing on the new iPad

I got an iPad Pro back in April of this year after learning that there was an iOS version of Clip Studio. Since this is the program I do all my work in these days, I was curious if an iPad could function as my travel device. After drawing on it for about a week I loved it. I didn’t just decide to use it when I travel. I started using the iPad exclusively for all my drawing. 

I drew the comic strip on it.

Some of the work I did for the ESRB.

I even did the key art for the Heart of Fire Neverwinter expansion. This was a big piece with tons of layers and I did it start to finish on my iPad.

By the time October rolled around I was preaching about the iPad as a drawing tool to everyone I knew. When the new devices got announced I was excited to see how they would improve a device that I was using for hours every single day. I picked up one of the new iPad’s along with the new Apple Pencil and have been using them for about a week now. I can tell you this new iPad makes my previous device look like a rough draft.

The first thing I noticed when I started using it is just how much lighter it is. I would describe it as comically light. I handed it to Kiko and he laughed. It really doesn’t make any sense. The next thing you see is the beautiful new screen. I am happy to be rid of the home button and the Face ID login has not failed me yet. One of the biggest improvements for me is in the pencil though. The previous Apple Pencil had a little lightning adapter where its eraser would be. This was covered by a tiny plastic cap about the size of a child’s tooth. In order to charge the pencil you removed this cap and plugged the pencil into the lightning port on the bottom of your iPad. This was dumb for a lot of reasons.

For one thing, it meant you could not charge your iPad while the pencil was charging. You also had to try not to lose this tiny little pencil cap. It also was an incredibly fragile connection that always felt like it was about to break. It also looked incredibly stupid. But now! The new Apple Pencil attaches to the side of your iPad thanks to the magic of magnets! This is also how it syncs and charges. I will be honest with you and admit that after using my old iPad for eight solid months every single day, I had no idea how to check the battery level of the pencil. I never knew it was low until it was time to charge the damn thing. Now when you snap your pencil onto the side of the iPad, a little bubble shows you the battery life. Brilliant! The Pencil itself also feels better in my hand and has a touch sensor on it. You can now double tap the pencil with your finger and this functionality can be customized.

The machine feels lightning fast now as well. I can’t believe some of the multitasking I’ve been able to pull off. I sent this pic to Kiko the other night because I was drawing in Clip Studio while I had a show running in a floating window off to the side.

I was popping in and out of programs. Snapping different apps to the side of the screen and it never skipped a beat. All while working on big 600dpi files with lots of layers. My desktop would have shit itself.

Overall, I could not be happier with the upgrade. I cannot recommend it enough to other artists. It really is the only machine I need for work anymore. If you have any other questions about the new iPad and how it works for making art, feel free to hit me up on the tweeter.

-Gabe Out


Tycho / 4 days ago

In truth, it’s Gabriel the Younger who plays more Fortnite than Elliot - but Gabriel Prime would never have deployed this kind of poetry, so it was vital that I take the fore.

I’m a little startled and honored by his rendering of my beautiful son, but in truth I think it might be ultrapragmatic to start preparing my children for the coming Water Wars.  See if we can get them a head start on being hailed as Seed Lords or some shit in a world where people have twelve different words for dust storms but have never seen a plant.  I’d have to start early - as early as tomorrow - but I think that if they can acclimate themselves to the wearing of steel masks it’s gonna pay dividends later.  That way, even if things go a Gundam direction instead they’ll still be ready to nail this despot thing.

I saw where Desert Bus was at, donation-wise, and I just started to laugh.  I was pretty mad today, and about the same things anybody gets angry about: jackasses, IRL and out, inconceivable interpersonal gulfs, and what I would describe as “authentic evil.”  But they’re gonna crack a half million dollars over there I bet, just being not that, just being cool.  And it’s gonna go to an incredibly lightweight organization that has spent fifteen years figuring out how to tune the impact of that generosity - to make it generate not just moments that allow kids to forget where they are for a little while, but to catalyze research and best practices that are portable wherever care to young people is given.  I sort of needed something like this to be real right now, and it is.

(CW)TB out.

Tycho / 5 days ago

Gwob was talking about Adventure Mode before, and how savory it is, and how it’s mostly new to us because a substantial amount of our Diablo 3 play was back when it still had a cash store.  I have a real challenge with games of the “loot-‘em-up” variety, and it’s whenever I get to “the desert level.”  It has an almost total ability to sunder my momentum, even for a game I’m nuts about.  Whenever they make me start trudgin’ through some kinda Goddamn dunes or some shit I’m audi.  I’m not proud of it or something, this is just what happens.  I think it might be genetic.

For Mork though, the combination of a discrete time band, “broader remit,” and exclusive content - plus, the ubiquity of the Switch form factor - makes this shit real, real hard to put down.  People might have problems but they’re nmot his problems.

There is another strip that ends avec l’oiseau, a personal favorite, because we’d tried to make a comic about it for a long time and were never able to.  I often think about this one when we’ve hit a wall with a concept - it’s where “the list” started of concepts that eventually find a home, for example, “The Neil Armstrong of Dog Fucking.”  Also, it’s worth noting that this comic is like sixteen years old.  It’s older than either of my children.  Well, physical age at any rate.  I have every faith that my son is simply the current incarnation of an immortal, interstellar consciousness.

I just returned from my trip up to Victoria to hang out with the Desert Bus crew, and hopefully add value to the proceedings.  Brenna certainly added value, measurable value, as her cross stitch raised a couple Gs for Child’s Play.  I threw an hour of DM advice in for auction like I did last year, but I haven’t heard back on its performance.  I had a good time there a couple years ago, had to miss it last year for PAX Unplugged, but this year’s visit was just… man.  I went up there happy already, and came home happier.  I wish I could save some of this, for when I’m sure to need it later.

(CW)TB out.

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