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Tycho / 3 days ago

I’ve wanted to see The Last Jedi ever since I got out of the theater for The Force Awakens.  Arguably, I’ve wanted to see it ever since I knew there was such a thing as Star Wars.  You know me; I’ve wanted people to ask hard questions about these fucking Space Wizards from the jump.  It seems like we might be getting there?  Anyway, it’s out next week and that seems a little crazy, but I am “not mad at it.”

It technically starts showing before the 15th, a day we call the 14th.  So the day of our Dinner is also when this thoroughly desired cinematic ordnance is fired, which is an invidious scenario calibrated to generate “feelings” of various kinds.  I’ve sworn them off, myself.  But there are those still in their grip.

The Child’s Play Charity Dinner & Auction which Mike Krahulik will most certainly attend is Next Thursday, and it’s been a good time since its inception.  We’ve got all kinds of treasure, an amazing cross-section of the gaming community, Old Stove Brewery has offered up another keg or two of Zagernezzar Ale, and of course I will try to find my suit which may still be in the trunk from last year.  Tickets for individuals and groups are still available.

Also!  I got my wish, and I’m gonna get to play some Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on the stream with my friend Mike at 2pm PST.  I understand that if you put an enemy into a Break state, you can then Topple them which allows you to use an ability that can Launch them which enables potent Slam attacks.  I don’t 100% know what the fuck any of that is but I would like an opportunity to find out.

(CW)TB out.

Tycho / 4 days ago

Lore + Store

The Little Mouth was coiled, asleep, around the dagger that was its child.

The weapon had been a challenge from one of the Meals It Could Not Eat, the smallest of the giants whose hair was spun from star-silver.  The Little Mouth had made quick work of the thing; it had made itself Large, and it had chirped well, cowing the blade into submission.  The voice in the dagger became still, and slept for a time.  Now, when it spoke, it spoke as a sleeper does: in portents and mouthfuls of dream.  It spoke of Ras Nsi, who had once held it.  It spoke of the flesh it had tasted, so much flesh; it was a topic of shared interest.  The Edicts held that the universe was naught but Meat and Mouths, but the dagger was neither - not exactly.  Perhaps it was his Tooth, in a way.  Perhaps it was his Tongue.

The Giants could not understand his speech; indeed, their understanding was so porous that they did now know he was speaking.  It spoke words of comfort, all the same; of a time when the Sanguilith would finish with this plane altogether, swallow it up, and with it all the petty torments mortals must endure.

(Here’s a super big one without the K’thrissmas livery for the true Ligotti fan.)


Today is the International Shipping deadline for Express Mail on the store!  If you want any Christmas Presents you order to actually be presents for Christmas, and you live far away from us, jump in there and take a peek.  There is some very cool stuff this time around; I have my favorites, you know, but take a look.


Tycho / 5 days ago

As is firmly established, I really, really like it when reviews for a game do not generate consensus.  It can mean a few different things: for example, it might be a bad game game whose fetishists tolerate (or even laud) its worst tendencies.  I’m certainly guilty of this; that fact that I don’t “see art” means that there’s an entire band of data I don’t perceive and it leads to tension between myself and my friend Glob.  In my defense, I played text adventures and games I had to load from cassette tapes, and my aesthetics haven’t really changed that much.

Xenoblade 2, mechanically speaking, feels something like a buffet.  As my cohort suggested in his post earlier, there’s a Pokeymans element alongside… man.  Alongside like eight elements and mid-combo QTEs?  It’s the everygame.  I really like how it does what it does, even though I agree that it’s obtuse.  No doubt that sounds like something a fetishist would say.  It feels old to me, like a catechism.  I like that, too. 

I’m hoping he and I can play it for a couple hours on the Friday afternoon stream.  Right now spinning all that game’s weird gears is offering me a mental vacation and that sounds pretty good.

It’s really fun to go through my mentions on sur le twittre and see that the break is giving people a chance to catch up and see the story through to the season finale.  We’ve tried to make it easy - we’ve got Twitch VODs, Podcasts, and a YouTube Playlist and each one has its proponents.  More “C” Team Lore tomorrow, this time about sometime snake, sometime rod Ligotti.  It’s a collaboration between K’thriss and myself, if that is of interest.  Also!  The “C” Team will be sitting around the table again this Thursday, to talk about the first season, hang out, and take your questions from our Twitch channel.  Stop by!

(CW)TB out.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

I picked up Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for the Switch last week and have not been able to put it down. Yesterday on Twitter I mentioned a Reddit post that I found super helpful when it comes to the combat. Even if you’re not playing Xenoblade it’s a pretty funny read. The combat system is so completely bonkers you end up having to say shit like this while trying to explain it:

Bursting 1 orb extends the Chain Attack for 1 round. You can burst multiple orbs in 1 round and that would extend the Chain Attack to the number of orbs burst.

The combat is ridiculously deep and even though I’ve got 15 hours of it, I only barely understand it. Each time I figure out a new mechanic, my enjoyment of the already great combat increases. The game does a very good job or slowly feeding you new mechanics and I actually find the tips it puts forth super helpful. The only problem is there is no way to go back and see any sort of collection of these tips and lessons. That’s where this write up over on Reddit came in handy. Honestly I am having a blast and I haven’t even seen any of the “orb bursts” or “Chain Attacks” mentioned in there.

The game is beautiful on the Switch. Personally I’ve been playing almost exclusively in handheld mode but it looks just fine on the TV as well. The music and visuals are killer and I absolutely love the hook. I was into the story within the first 30 minutes which isn’t like me at all. There’s some really cool ideas in here though and I’m having fun seeing where they take them. If you want to dive deep into a combat system and get lost in customization menus this is the game for you. I haven’t even talked about collecting different Blades which are essentially bad ass Pokemon.

I know the reviews for this game are all over the place and I understand why. I would not recommend it to everyone but if you’re interested already, I think it’s worth checking out.

-Gabe out

Tycho / 6 days ago

Call For PAX South Enforcers!

Yes, we just did, like, three PAXes, but there is another one fast approaching - and it is in need of Enforcers!  This august body makes PAX what it is, and South especially needs your help.  Check out the Enforcer page for South and, thus inspired, take a moment to fill out the application.  Here are common Qs, with the As following dutifully behind.

Q: Do Enforcers get a free pass?
A: Yes! Also a neat staff shirt.

Q: Do Enforcers get paid?
A: Yes!

Q: How many days/hours would I have to work?
A: Enforcers must commit to working a minimum of one one 5-6 hour shift each day of PAX.

Q: How old do I have to be to Enforce?
A: Enforcers must be at least 18 years old.

Q: Can people from other countries apply?
A: Unfortunately, no. Enforcers must able to work legally in the US.

Other questions can be directed to or @Peeardee on Twitter.


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