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Because "compatibility," broadly writ, is sort of an assumption for The Last Generation of Consoles the intensity with which one must seek out a platform's Exemplar is diluted somewhat. At least, for me. Gabriel craves a gadget, and so when he is denied one it is keenly felt. The PS4 Pro and the One X have more than enough beef to let me ride out these dessications of supply, caused - as I understand it - by a clan of nano-augmented raiders called "The Axiom." Any suffering it might engender will be of exceedingly short duration.

The 3080, though.

I was up at six for that. It's a fucked up scene when you can get a card this good for this price; I can't even imagine how wise and resplendent those who waited out the 20XX series must feel now. They saw all that raytracing horseshit, stayed resolute, and now they will inherit the kingdom of heaven - sweeping those who just grabbed a 2080 for Cyberpunk aside with a wave of their regal hand. (I speak, here, of myself. I'm not the sweeper in this metaphor. I'm the sweepee.) I made a valiant effort, by which I mean I clicked several times, and it was broken wherever it wasn't already sold out - hence the strip.

At this juncture, the PC is just where it's at for me. Any investment made there will be reaped a thousand times. There's too much amazing shit coming out all the time and it's hooked up to the same device I do all my work on. There's no intermediate state change; I can sublimate between these tasks. I might pop over to the television to play with other people, maybe. But the last time I really sat down and ate up an entire single player experience over there was Control - and I really wish that I'd bought into that on PC. Because of the rays. And I'm not talking about Ray Charles.

Today is a plump one in terms of PAX Online content, including the next chapter of Acquisitions Incorporated, prefaced by the nourishing "C" Team Better Advice Panel. Here's the rest of my schedule though - all times are in PDT, and all channels are twitch/pax unless otherwise noted. No Motorsport Manager streams today, because… I mean, you get it.

Fri, Sept 18 (7pm - 8pm): C Team Better Advice Panel
Fri, Sept 18 (8pm - 10:30pm): Acquisitions Incorporated
Sat, Sept 19 (1pm - 4pm): Almost Pro $10k iRacing Open Powered By Intel (On
Sun, Sept 20 (11:30am - 12:30pm)
Penny Arcade Q&A #2
Sun, Sept 20 (6:45pm - 7:45pm):
Omegathon Final

(CW)TB out.

Tycho / 3 days ago

Monster Energy is a company that makes hummingbird food, and they are under the impression that this grants them primacy over a term whose etymological loam is Latin, causing them to spasmodically whip and gnash at completely reasonable uses of the word like Ubisoft's Gods and Monsters. Ubi did change the name, saying it was a creative decision, but it's hard to imagine an undisturbed creative process that results in the only name more pale and derivative than Gods And Monsters.

I think this game actually looks cool. Gods and Monsters isn't the best name, but individually, these categories have been doing work for centuries. Immortals: Fenyx Rising sounds like a game you would get from CD in a case of Surge in the late nineties. Like on some Acclaim type shit.

I lived through this era, so I can tell you: the above is documentary footage.

PAX Online continues apace, with four more days of twenty-four hour community shenanigans. All times are in PDT, and all channels are twitch/pax unless otherwise noted.

Fri, Sept 18 (7pm - 8pm): C Team Better Advice Panel

Fri, Sept 18 (8pm - 10:30pm): Acquisitions Incorporated

Sat, Sept 19 (1pm - 4pm): Almost Pro $10k iRacing Open Powered By Intel (On

Sun, Sept 20 (11:30am - 12:30pm) Penny Arcade Q&A #2

Sun, Sept 20 (6:45pm - 7:45pm): Omegathon Final

Alright. I'm gonna !look around the "showfloor" for more name emojis.

(CW)TB out.

Tycho / 5 days ago

Had a blast with the Make A Strip panel yesterday, an ancient PAX tradition manifest this strip and also in the nearly twelve thousand dollars raised for Child's Play Charity in exchange for the application of an exclusive, show specific fairy. At a suggestion from the ineluctable Gavin Greco, said fairy is modeled after the humble Webcam, a device whose star has risen substantially in this incredibly haunted year.

PAX Online might be streaming on Twitch, Twitter, inside Steam and elsewhere, or perhaps everywhere, but think of those like the stages where panels take place. Discord is the venue itself - specifically, - and it's deeply unlike any other manifestation of Discord I've seen. What I'll say is that you should take the time to use the !look command in various places, and see what comes up. This might also be the year you explore a compelling alternative to traditional employment with Dr. Exoskeleton - there's help for aspiring minions on the Discord for them, too. Here's what the rest of my show looks like, basically:

Tue, Sept 15 (12:30pm - 1:30pm): Manticore D&D Panel
Tue, Sept 15 (7pm - 8pm): Golfing (on PAX2)
Fri, Sept 18 (7pm - 8pm): C Team Better Advice Panel
Fri, Sept 18 (8pm - 10:30pm): Acq Inc Game
Sun, Sept 20 (11:30am - 12:30pm) Penny Arcade Q&A #2
Sun, Sept 20 (6:45pm - 7:45pm): Omegathon Final

The Golf item there on Tuesday is our continuing Saga with Gary Whitta and The Other Will Smith.  Though, it's possible I might pop up in at least one other place where cars can be found. I'll let you know.

(CW)TB out.

Tycho / 1 week ago

Gabe and I don't really see each other at PAX shows if we aren't on stage together; that's not just how our thing works. Plus, we are both introverts who have somehow been drafted for Maximum Social Exposure, so a certain amount of the time there is spent in our climate controlled rooms waiting for our bars to fill back up.

Until this strip, I wasn't aware that he stayed snicking the entire time. I'm not saying my own policy is better - just eating anything a person gives me, or happen to find in my backpack, or a complete stranger puts directly in my mouth - but my system does provide a variety of compounds at least, everything from beetle shells to strands of filthy yarn. Things the body needs.

But yes, you heard right - hashtag PAX Online is upon us, the schedule is plump, Mike Pondsmith is "in the building," by which I mean he's in charge of the Storytime to open the show. I grew up just sort of looking at his name and worshipping it, never imagining that thirty years later or some shit somebody was gonna take the richest slice of my youth and spend millions and millions of dollars immortalizing it in Cyberpunk 2077. And that's just the thing that happens first at PAX Online - there's nine days of community content, games, demos, of course we've got an Acquisitions Incorporated game… Got dealt kinda of a weird hand with this one, but we played it in an interesting way. We keep PAX in our hearts all the year, and we hope we can give you another place to "be" right now when you can't really go anywhere.

Welcome to PAX. Well, tomorrow. By tomorrow, retroactively, we will have welcomed you to PAX. Keep in mind that the Show Store is very much open, in accordance with the Old Ways. See what the Designers have put together for you.

Of course, even on the precipice of the show, Gabir Motors never rests - and after last week's second double podium in the history of Dragon Race Team China, this time a P1 and P2, the pressure on drivers Enriqua Lara and Hong Liao has never been higher. After a commanding lead at Tondela - a track the Vroom Raider had spent time practicing in the off-season - it seems like both variants of the Pantheon platform lead the league in on-course performance and reliability. But with the arrival of the rainy season, "the great equalizer" has begun to rear its ugly head. This time, will Youth beat Experience? Find out on today's episode of Motorsport Manager, at 2pm PDT only on Twitch.

(CW)TB out.

Penny Arcade League Race!

The Penny Arcade iRacing league rolls on. Tonight we're racing the Dallara F3 car at the Daytona International Speedway. I'm going to attempt to participate in the livery theme of "pets on parade" but this might just end up being a big photo of one of my cats stretched across the entire car. Last week was so close to being decent that I still have nightmares about that final lap. I've moved on, and hopefully so have the people whose races I ruined because I'm a fool have as well.  I've got Kara spotting and my son Gabe producing tonight's race which starts at 8:00PT but expect the Pit Crew to open closer to 7:30PT. Kara and I won't not be drinking!

-Gabe out

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