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The only reason I authorized this hateful, anti-Ballard propaganda is that it is deeply true.

Ballard - and the wild, unregulated border zone known as Frelard - constitute my beloved homeland to the extent that I would defend it from an interstellar incursion.  I’m not saying it would go well.  Our only real hope would be that they might attack during the Farmer’s Market and get something that hadn’t been, like, a hundred percent pasteurized all the way.

There was a point where Mike visited over here for “a minute” when he was thinking about moving over from Spokane, and all the things I like about aren’t really motivators.  It wasn’t until we cracked the code that I was able to secure participation: he didn’t have to live in Seattle if he could live by Seattle, near enough so that I could have access to him but far enough away that the national and yea, global chains which represent stability in these troubled times could stand firm in the violence of a squalid era.

Just two couple more episodes in the second Arc of Acquisitions Incorporated: The “C” Team, and tonight’s adventure is the first of them.  Turn your gaze toward our precious channel, for the ritual begins at 4pm PDT.  Will you be among the gathered throng?

(CW)TB out.

Tycho / 2 days ago

Here They Are: Your PAX 10

As is known to all, but polite to reiterate, since time immemorial PAX has offered succor to the indie developer with the power of PAX 10.  If I had been smart when I was naming it, maybe I would have tried to work in something about “PAX to the Tenth Power” or something.  In any event: Here are your winners!  Be sure to track them down at the show, and investigate this game garden curated by a phalanx of industry professionals.

Gunhead by Alientrap
Mirror Drop by Ian Lilley
Overload by Revival Productions
Pizza Titan Ultra by Breakfall Inc.
Praey for the Gods by No Matter Studios
Retimed by Team Maniax
Roundguard by Wonderbelly Games
Shift Quantum by Fishing Cactus
Tick Tock: A Tale for Two by Other Tales Interactive
With Friends Like These by Shy Kids Club

Congrats to all.  Check out the official site to find out more!


Tycho / 3 days ago

We play Paladins every night.  We were curious about Realm Royale at one point, which we haven’t played since it launched, because we got slurped into the rest of their ecosystem somehow.  Now we’re in its fuckin’ jaws to the extent that Gabriel is watching developer livestreams and shit.

I don’t know if Paladins is big or not!  Sometimes you can tell if something is big because news sites talk about it all the time.  It’s not ironclad as a rule; they have their fetishes, like anybody else.  And since their target demographic consists largely of unfeeling search engine algorithms, it may not be representative anyway.  What I know looks something like this: I have time at night to play anything I want to, and my friends and I keep coming back to the gonzo MOBA mashup Paladins offers.  I’m still futzing around with cards, trying to tune builds.  Every round, even a very unpleasant one, I still find wholesome, nourishing kernels.

The upshot is that this is a comic about an unreleased character from a game I don’t even know if people play.  That makes it Penny Arcade as fuck.

I’m pretty spaced out; I spent the weekend engaged in an excursion into the shared universe of Chris Perkins’ Dice, Camera, Action and our own Acquisitions Incorporated.  I’ll have everything in an easy sequence of links for you to digest it, but all told it’s about ten hours of D&D content - with a completely custom story that weaves the two campaigns even further together - maybe forever.  Eight players and two dungeon masters is quite a palette.  Chris and I have been working on it for the last couple weeks, and people seem to think it went off quite well.  Since we had all the players from both games here together, we might have used that opportunity to slice a few tender hunks of surprise content out of that time as well.  Perhaps all will be revealed in the fullness of time?  That’s historically how things like this get revealed. 

Just about to head back into the studio with our own Ryan Hartman to go wild on some visual novel birds, if you’re looking for some company and more visual novel antics don’t be a stranger - stop on by.

(CW)TB out.

Tycho / 6 days ago

And so, after going through all the stages of grief or whatever, young Gabriel emerged stronger and armed with talk show platitudes.

He can now play Symmetra without a nagging pain, and with enough success that he’s returned to the fold.  It’ll be interesting to see if the rework is enough to have her find play in the next season.  The stuff I watched from dangerous avian warlord A_Seagull was incredibly communication heavy, but when it worked, the shit she can enable - for example, literally impossible flanks - are scary enough to warrant a look down here in the cheap seats.  I don’t know if these things map to Overwatch League’s War in the Heavens, where the Gods kill.

I knew as soon as Elyssa and Anna Prosser Robinson became friends that I’d eventually be incorporated into a Scheme Of Grand Design, and it’s happening this weekend:

You can click it, and make it large.

Hours and hours of Dungeons and/or Dragons for you to consume, in the ultimate commingling of Dice, Camera, Action’s Waffle Crew and Acquisitions Incorporated’s The “C” Team over two days of raucous, occasionally malevolent adventure.  Join us!

(CW)TB out.

Tycho / 1 week ago

Certainly Mork has played it, and now I have as well.  That is to say, The Crew 2.  It’s interesting. I’d love to talk about it.

I support what Groblin has said in the main: that these concepts map quite well onto an Action MMO constructs.  He suggested Destiny, which works, but you could just as simply use The Division.  There are games where you earn money and tune cars, Forza Horizon is probably the most compatible with me as a person, but it’s simply a fact that I’m never gonna be somebody who goes way into that kind of stuff.  Let me tell you what I am prepared to do.

I am prepared to race, and, upon having raced, scoop up a bushel of car parts that glow a bunch of different colors - colors which indicate their inner power.

In the same way that the truly legendary Card Hunter leverages the simplicity of RPG style inventory slots to enable a tasteful deckbuilding model, there’s something about car modules rendered as chromatic, slottable “loot” that provides a truly graceful legibility in a context that I generally find impenetrable.

It doesn’t currently feature what they call “PvP,” competitive racing.  Obviously you can race alongside your friends in events, and if somebody gets first place, everybody gets first place for purposes of rewards.  But straight up competitive doesn’t enter the game until December.  Ordinarily, that sort of thing would not be a balm.  I can’t very well assess the value of spectral features.  But if Ubi hadn’t just come off Rainbow 6: Siege, The Division, and For Honor - niche-y but amazing games that were given time to grow, in concert with an audience they listen to - I’d be much harder on it.  Now…  I mean, now?  I believe it.  I want a living racing game I can play with my friends.  Good thing somebody’s making that.

(CW)TB out.

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