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Tycho / 3 days ago

And so, after going through all the stages of grief or whatever, young Gabriel emerged stronger and armed with talk show platitudes.

He can now play Symmetra without a nagging pain, and with enough success that he’s returned to the fold.  It’ll be interesting to see if the rework is enough to have her find play in the next season.  The stuff I watched from dangerous avian warlord A_Seagull was incredibly communication heavy, but when it worked, the shit she can enable - for example, literally impossible flanks - are scary enough to warrant a look down here in the cheap seats.  I don’t know if these things map to Overwatch League’s War in the Heavens, where the Gods kill.

I knew as soon as Elyssa and Anna Prosser Robinson became friends that I’d eventually be incorporated into a Scheme Of Grand Design, and it’s happening this weekend:

You can click it, and make it large.

Hours and hours of Dungeons and/or Dragons for you to consume, in the ultimate commingling of Dice, Camera, Action’s Waffle Crew and Acquisitions Incorporated’s The “C” Team over two days of raucous, occasionally malevolent adventure.  Join us!

(CW)TB out.

Tycho / 4 days ago

Certainly Mork has played it, and now I have as well.  That is to say, The Crew 2.  It’s interesting. I’d love to talk about it.

I support what Groblin has said in the main: that these concepts map quite well onto an Action MMO constructs.  He suggested Destiny, which works, but you could just as simply use The Division.  There are games where you earn money and tune cars, Forza Horizon is probably the most compatible with me as a person, but it’s simply a fact that I’m never gonna be somebody who goes way into that kind of stuff.  Let me tell you what I am prepared to do.

I am prepared to race, and, upon having raced, scoop up a bushel of car parts that glow a bunch of different colors - colors which indicate their inner power.

In the same way that the truly legendary Card Hunter leverages the simplicity of RPG style inventory slots to enable a tasteful deckbuilding model, there’s something about car modules rendered as chromatic, slottable “loot” that provides a truly graceful legibility in a context that I generally find impenetrable.

It doesn’t currently feature what they call “PvP,” competitive racing.  Obviously you can race alongside your friends in events, and if somebody gets first place, everybody gets first place for purposes of rewards.  But straight up competitive doesn’t enter the game until December.  Ordinarily, that sort of thing would not be a balm.  I can’t very well assess the value of spectral features.  But if Ubi hadn’t just come off Rainbow 6: Siege, The Division, and For Honor - niche-y but amazing games that were given time to grow, in concert with an audience they listen to - I’d be much harder on it.  Now…  I mean, now?  I believe it.  I want a living racing game I can play with my friends.  Good thing somebody’s making that.

(CW)TB out.

Thornwatch is in the PA store!

It’s been a long time coming but I’m happy to announce that You can now pre-order Thornwatch and the Expansion the Dark of the Wood from the Penny Arcade store. We will be shipping them out at the end of the month on July 31st. So if you missed out on the Kickstarter, this is your chance to get your hands on a copy!

If you’d like to see what Thornwatch is all about you can tune into our Twitch channel this afternoon. I’ll be running the game for a few of my friends and it will cover all the basics. The game starts at 2PM PST and I’ll do my best to run the game and answer any questions that pop up in the chat. So come hang out and let me show you my game!

-Gabe out

Tycho / 1 week ago

There are all these different thresholds you cross in an endeavor like this, and the newest one for Thornwatch is that preorders for Thornwatch: Eyrewood Adventures go up on the store tomorrow, July 10th.  They should ship at the end of the month, after the international games have hit distribution from the Kickstarter.

Expressions of unbridled positivity are not generally in his wheelhouse, but as we were putting together the text for the strip those words came out of Gabe’s mouth and I caught them in midair, placing them down in the document gingerly, as you might a soap bubble.

Tomorrow at 2:00pm PDT, you can join us on stream for a mission or two of Thornwatch, maybe even some of the Dark of the Wood content.  You should come get some of this!  I was going to say “we’ll see about doing a Thornwatch giveaway,” but then I realized that literally every aspect of this decision is entirely up to me.  So we will!

This afternoon at the same time, Ryan Hartman will reprise his role as Human Woman Thomasina No-Chili, Josh Price will be her troubled, avian obsessed conscience, and I will be many other birds on stream as Birdfuckers, Inc. - an elite birdfucking cadre.  My friend Amy Falcone was talking shit about our bird choice, but we’re not even after that bird - he’s only a stepping stone so we can get his brother.  That’s how far ahead we think: as the only publicly traded bird fucking corporation in America, we have a reputation.  A reputation and a damp, even subterranean desire for avian filth.

(CW)TB out.

The Crew 2

I spent a ridiculous amount of time playing the Crew 2 over the last few days. I picked it up last week but didn’t end up giving it a try right away. I was working from home last Wednesday when I heard my boys downstairs load it up and I decided to let them have first crack at it. It took me a few hours to draw the comic and the entire time I could hear them downstairs laughing and passing the controller back and forth. By the time I came downstairs they were ready to gush about how rad this game was. I let them teach me the basics and by that evening I had purchased two more copies so the three of us could race together.

The Crew 2 is pretty much Destiny but with cars. You and your friends will form a crew (fireteam) and take on various vehicle based activities (Strikes) and assuming you succeed, you will all be rewarded with colorful cubes full of loot (Engrams). Each vehicle you acquire comes with a number of slots for things like brakes, shocks, tires and so on. Take all the loot you got from the end of your last race and slot it into your vehicle. Each part has a big number on it as well as a color rarity. They can also have perks like increasing nitro gain or making you less susceptible to being knocked around. Slot the best gear you have to increase your vehicle’s overall performance level (light level) and then go tackle more challenging activities.

I had a blast playing it with my kids this weekend. Once you’re in a crew it’s incredibly easy to jump from event to event. We each took turns picking activities and the great thing is that as long as at least one person in your crew succeeds at the challenge, you all get the money and loot. I love the street racing and other car events, Gabe loves the planes and Noah had us doing all boat events. At the end of each race or stunt challenge we would get showered with colorful glowing loot and then all run back to our individual houses to equip our new stuff.

I should let you know I never played the first Crew so I don’t know how this compares. I can look and see that the Metacritic score for the Crew 2 is currently sitting at a 67 and from reading a few blurbs I think this sequel might be a departure in some ways from what people liked about the original. I can’t speak to that but I can tell you that I’m very jealous of my kids who are currently home on summer break and probably racing Monster Trucks right this second.

-Gabe out

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