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Tycho / 2 hours ago

I was very, very late to the game on Destiny.  As someone whose primary axis of engagement with Bungie was via their lore, please act surprised, Destiny as a launch experience was missing the nanoscale furrows that would give me entre.  Or, it sort of was.

Things definitely happen in the game, but they occur in a kind of dream logic which might have been caused by any number of things.  As the anchor for a “ten year game,” you don’t really want to paint yourself into a corner too early.  There was also significant creative turmoil at the time that caused something between a rewrite and a wholesale crop burning of the story.  Occasionally, when I would shoot an alien’s head off, the game would tell me that I had been granted a Grimoire Card.  This is where the story actually is, and it is related with profound success, but outside the game proper.  I’ve railed against this.  I think it’s possible to incorporate greater narrative exposure into the gameplay.  But I’m also wrong, which happens a lot.

Different media are capable of different outcomes.  My wife and son literally can’t be spoken to while they are reading.  This made me really mad until I began to truly understand they didn’t know I was there.  You can’t get mad at a person for not responding to stimuli they don’t perceive.  It’s like getting mad at someone for something they did in a dream you had.  It’s not fucking productive.  But that power to overwrite reality essentially comes for free with plain text.  It’s insidious, and it always has been, which is why writers get into so much trouble all the time.

The Books of Sorrow are a series of Grimoire Cards that tell a single tale with profound import for the setting and the content you experience in it.  If you animated this whole thing, I don’t even know if it would work.  I’m not sure it would be produced at all.  But it’s my favorite piece of work in the entire Destiny universe and it informs my relationship with the game.  I would be very sad to see this channel of story transmission go because I’ve seen how profoundly successful it was.  As a fraction of budget, the relative value of the Books and other shit - particularly where Rasputin is concerned - can’t be overstated.  At least for me.

There’s a lot of new Destiny 2 info churning out there now; of course, we have distilled the optimal lozenge.

(CW)TB out.

Tycho / 2 days ago

I haven’t had a chance to play The Surge yet, so I don’t 100% know what’s going on with it.  Gabriel doesn’t seem to like it, so I assume that means it’s great.

Being like Dark Souls without being Dark Souls is, to my mind, an argument for whatever it is.  Bloodborne, made by the same fucking crew, proves it better than anybody: there’s a hard, shiny marble at the center of this loop and narrative experience that is a basecamp for other expressions of it.  Nioh proves out some concepts related to ARPG loot grinds and technical gameplay that I found welcome.  I love the exploration of this space: I think there’s an interesting discussion to be had about where Dead Cells might fit into this continuum, incorporating some roguelite DNA into the organism.

Ultimately, I think Gabriel’s question is about the distinction between piece and genre.  If you’re too close, you get stamped with the Clone moniker.  Shooters were once called Doom Clones.  It’s something to consider.

Because I am the incredibly annoying person I am, it made me think about the concept of seminal works.  My son would already be giggling at this point.  King’s Field was profound, and begat Demon’s Souls, which begat Dark Souls.  At first, this series only inspired the people who made it, and now it’s worn a deep enough groove into us that we started wanting and making more.  They’re said to be seminal works in that they influence later expressions.  Founding a genre is certainly one way to do that.

    (CW)TB out.

The Surge!

I picked up The Surge not really knowing what to expect. I heard it had some cool combat mechanics and figured it was worth a try. It only took a few minutes of playing to realize it was Bloodborne but you can chop off body parts. Honestly that probably would have been enough for me if it didn’t look so stupid. Bloodborne is a game that oozes character and style and I think that’s why I was able to get so into it. On the other hand, The Surge reminds me of and 80’s cartoon.

I am serious! Here’s the main guy from The Surge. I think his name is Bob Surge.

And here are the Centurions.

Same world!

I didn’t play very much but I am pretty sure the main villain is Doc Terror:

-Gabe out

Tycho / 5 days ago

Something I’ve never been able to understand is how you could forget what it’s like to be young.  I haven’t, but I have a weird memory where if I remember something I experience it and generally shudder or make a sound.  God only knows; maybe not forgetting it is itself evidence of some spiritual malnourishment.  It could also be empathy!  That’s another thing it could be.

The types of content I’ve seen produced about Fidget Spinners, ranging from them being representations of Illuminati tampering with the youth to existential treatises on the paramount value of boredom to…  what else… like, portents of our political climate are very, very hmm.  I’m not going to say that the Internet is bad.  But I will say that the Internet is very, very good for bad people.  The capacity to preen on an authentically global stage is has created an environment that births monsters.  Or, at the bare minimum, people who are incredibly fucking annoying.

Fidget Spinners have been banned at the school where Grob’s larvae go, and I understand that it must be a frustrating sound when fifty percent of the class has them - something like a wind farm.  I can remember when Garbage Pail Kids and Pogs were banned at my school, no doubt it feels as tyrannical now as it did then.

It gets complicated when you have a child who is situated somewhere on the spectrum; it’s weird to think that something in use as a therapeutic tool could become such a fad.  Something that allows you to move while sitting still is performing a novel, useful function and it kinda sucks slash might not be 100% legal that some are deprived of it because their medicine got fetishized by mainstream culture.

Hey!  Our producer Josh is taking a well deserved break today, so no stream this afternoon.  We’ll see you again next week; I have about a million shows I want to do on there and I want to them all and I will do them all, but I can’t do them all at the same time.

    (CW)TB out.

Tycho / 1 week ago

Of course, we’re only goofing around with Pat Rothfuss, who is also Viari.  We are inveterate goofers.  I have every faith that the book will come out and what’s more that it will be really good.  He should make a deal with me that he’ll release his book when I release mine; that would provide the necessary impetus.  The web-borne pressure would build up behind my mind, and the book would be launched like a cannonball.

  I found the television show for Game of Thrones vastly more enjoyable than the books, past the first one at least, which I devoured.  And again, because this is the stupid age we live in: I don’t think me liking something imparts upon it some kind of glamour.  It’s just that if you’re enduring this post there’s a high likelihood that you know my deal.  Ultimately, though, I couldn’t watch the show either.  I didn’t want to be in that place anymore.  But I’ll come back for the last season of the show to see how everything shakes out, because that’s what I do with books also.  This is another thing about my praxis that infuriates Gabriel, in addition to my use of words like praxis: I read the end first.  I like to have the bookends, I guess literally in this case, and see how they arrive at each other.

Hey!  Shit’s starting to pop for real on Acquisitions Incorporated: The “C” Team.  There are reasons I can give but at root I have the best players, and I’ve made creating a story for them - and you - my whole deal.

If you can, come watch live on HyperRPG Thursdays at 3:30 pm PST, and join the Shadow Council in the channel (at whose pleasure we all serve).  You can also catch the Table Talk aftershow for discussion and maybe the occasional hint about what’s next.  Eventually we’ll have little “bookmark” videos you can use to catch up on arcs, but we aren’t even ten episodes in yet and it’s starting to get really cool.  Every episode is also available as a podcast as soon as it hits YouTube, it’s on “The iTunes,” but the raw feed for the old school is right here.

    (CW)TB out.

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