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PAX South Pin Post!

Pax South is just less than a week away now and already people are calling it the Pax South of the year. I will be in attendance although you might see me zipping around on a scooter sometimes. I’m feeling much better now but my doctor doesn’t want me to push it and the scooter has already been rented. Let’s talk pins!


Clank and Bandit Queen [Dire Wolf Digital]
Available for $15 each at the Dire Wolf Digital Booth #10641. Will also be given away to players who win demo games throughout the weekend.

Edith Finch [Annapurna Interactive]
Attendees who complete a playthrough of the Edith Finch demo at Annapurna Interactive Booth #11022 will recieve a pin.

Child’s Play 2017 [Child’s Play]
Available for $20 each at the Child’s Play Booth #10485.

Falcon [tinyBuildGAMES]
Available for $15 each at the tinyBuildGAMES Booth #10669.

Thrax [Toonhound Studios]
Available for $15 each at the Toonhound Studios Booth #10071.

I will be getting my hands on that Edith Finch pin as soon as humanly possible. We also have a cool show set for you this year. I’m drawing all of the covers to this year’s Pax guides and they are all based on the same theme. Each one will be based on a level from an imaginary Penny Arcade platform game. We will also be pulling the show set of pins from each cover. Here’s the first cover I did for Pax South and you can see the pins below.


PAX South 2017 Pin Set
Available at both PAX Merch Booths.

Limited Edition PAX South 2017 Pin
ONLY available at the PAX Merch Lite Booth

I’m having a lot of fun with the covers as you can probably guess. I think for pin fans it will be really cool to display the show set alongside the cover from that year. Hopefully you all dig the idea…because we are already done with the next one and we can’t really change the plan right now.



Get your Pin Quest here.

-Gabe out

Tycho / 2 days ago

Now that it seems like Gorobriel’s stuff is staying in, and he can laugh without terror, he’s back to his old haunts.  He loves Symmetra’s playstyle, and he loves her comic, which I love also.  The moral dimension of Overwatch is deliciously robust, even before you broach the subject of erotic Tumblr comminglings.

Symmetra is not his attack choice.  Although, I just had a conversation with somebody yesterday about the effectiveness of Attack Symmetra after the rebuild, so who knows.  He has an Attack roster and a Defend roster, and he won’t mix those anymore than he would allow foods to mix on a plate.  When I go to a buffet, it’s a gruesome affair; people gaze upon my works and despair.  I swear to God I wasn’t trying to rhyme.  When he goes to a buffet, it’s as though the warring food factions are held in place by a spectral bento box.

I included a dense brick of links at the end of the post yesterday, mostly as a joke, but it ended up being really useful to people?  We’ve been around forever, to the extent that you can spend as much time here as you want to really.  Our engineer (though the official title of the position is TECHNOMANCER, in all caps) modified the RSS for the podcast to include more archive, if you want it.

Oh!  And, if you have just emerged from a Time Portal that only allows organic materials through, Gavin’s new “Thanks, Internet!” tee is up on the shop, on a soft, unisex blank that is basically like wearing a hug.


Tycho / 3 days ago

Cool PAX South Teaser

Octavio Abea, who does the Welcome to PAX series, just delivered unto us this morsel:

It’s next week!  And you can go!


Tycho / 4 days ago

I was trying to figure out why Gabriel would be playing Diablo III; I kept seeing his PSN account logged into it.  If you’re down with the D or whatever it’s fine.  Lots of people play Diorblo, specifically, lots of people not named Mike.  Overwatch or Titanfall 2, certainly.  I asked him about it, and he said that while his guts are still fucked up, playing “exciting” games hurts too much, and that playing Diablo - a game where you beat back unrelenting waves of hell monsters - is relaxing by comparison.  Relaxing for the heroes, at least.  It’s less relaxing for everybody else.

I try not to get in your face about stuff generally, I know that you have entire life that is not necessarily about reading my shit and I try to optimize your time.  But!  Somebody on Twitter asked me if the podcast - specifically, Downloadable Content: The Penny Arcade podcast - had come back.  Except it’s been back for years!  For years and years!  If you haven’t been listening to the podcast because you thought it was over, or you didn’t know we had one, holy shit.  I’ve got podcasts for days - and not just euphemistically.  I mean that if you started listening to them now, multiple days would transpire before you were done.  Even I listen to our podcast, which is is probably weird, but whatever.  Get a load of these:

- Downloadable Content records the writing process behind the strip, and any bizarre conversations that get trapped in the amber.

- Acquisitions Incorporated: Season One is available as a podcast now also, with the Live Finale added to the feed.  If you want to go way back, Wizards of the Coast has popped our classic adventures into a feed as well!

- Staff at Penny Arcade have a podcast as well, available for Club PA members.

Now I’m getting paranoid.  You know about the store, right?  And that we’re making incredible, official Super Mario Bros. pins?  And PAX South is coming up next weekend.  Did you know that we host as convention?!  Dabe and I will be streaming this afternoon at 2pm PST - on the Twitch channel we most assuredly do have.  We have YouTubes also!  Plural!  I’m also going to link the comic page just in case.  We didn’t just make the one you see today - there are lots and lots.


Tycho / 6 days ago

So, did sitting up for the amount of time it took to draw the strip feel good, or bad?  Some combination?  Good enough to offset the rest of it?  I’ll ask him when we record the podcast today.

Gabriel doesn’t like Let It Die, and I understand why that would be.  You have to read a ton of words, which has historically been my domain.  It has what I would describe as fully two introductions, and only after the second one are you playing “Let It Die.”  There are aesthetics that don’t parse as “art” for him, and the realities of the algorithmic, “roguelike” environments mean that he sees the same things over and over.  It’s not worth arguing about: these things are all True.  The difference is the amount of positive or negative charge we associate with each concept.  When I think about how much enjoyment it’s given me over the last couple weeks, and how this enjoyment exists in some universe he can’t perceive, sadness is the only word for it.

“F2P Dark Souls” is the truncation, and you’ll see some touchstones as you play.  Starting up, the fakeout they throw at you aside, largely involves opening and reading envelopes.  Tons of envelopes.  Try to imagine Gabriel’s rage.  I long for the age of letters, so when I see an envelope I still get pretty cranked up, but that isn’t how he wants to interact with shit.  He wants games to IV drip themselves out, that drip and that drop, a progressive revelation.  Let It Die doesn’t do that and maybe it can’t.  It takes place in a seismically generated spire of urban hellscape called the Tower of Barbs, which I’m pretty sure is a metaphor while also being a literal.  Everything is heaped on everything else.  You make an unsightly spire of knowledge to contend with the spire in the game.  I started to type out a bunch of the things I was taught early on, and it kept going and going.  It wasn’t a good time investment, because they’re gonna make you open all that shit anyway.  But I need to know all of it.  Raiding.  Crafting.  Character customizing Decals.  Storage, timed rewards.  Elevators.  Haters.  Freezers.  Bathrooms (?).  The game is untoward with its systems, and it doesn’t care if you like it.  But if you give it a chance?

You will become trench-brothers.

I would say that the soundtrack is the auditory version of the Tower of Barbs.  Everything in this game teeters beautifully, just on the edge of collapse.

(CW)TB out.

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