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Tycho / 18 hours ago

I have used the dock for my Switch…  twice, I think.  I’m ready to play games there, I’m not opposed to it on moral grounds, but for the time being at least the Nintendo Switch is a machine whose purpose it is to ride through life with me, like a sidecar, while I busy myself making motorcycle metaphors.

I suggested sur le Twittre that the Switch was the premiere destination for Disgaea 5, and I was right, but it’s easy to be right on that one because after you have one it’s where you want everything.  I want all console games to be vigorous chimaerae, equally adept as globally circumnavigating satellites as they are played from the couch.  This isn’t about form factor, and I wouldn’t denigrate it with a term like “convenience.”  This is about console gaming that recognizes I have a complicated fucking life and wants to meet me where I live.

It’s like this: I mean, the PC is always gonna be my first love.  The platform I’m drawn to has got to be a place where something like Endless Space 2 not only exists, but a place where it would.  The second is more vital, because it gates potential.  Weirdoes and slippery, soakin’ wet mutants dominate these blistered lands.  What consoles do is offer entre into the world class talent, brands, and philosophies the console manufacturers have sequestered.

I want to say it again just so that there is a greater chance of the right people hearing it.  The Nintendo Switch doesn’t need to do anything else but be the place where Nintendo games past and present and the best Indie games happen in order to be the greatest system of all time.  I mean… Pokemon, by itself.  Monster Hunter is just a thick layer of cream cheese frosting.  If I can get Dead Cells, or whatever the next Dead Cells is - let us all pray that we are one day are using the term Cells-alike - plus a new Super Mario Odyssey on the same slab?  We’re done here.  The reigning aesthetic for years has literally been “this looks like a Super Nintendo Game.”  Let’s make that shit official.

We also made a comic about a novel power solution for the Switch.  A++ would use.

(CW)TB out.

Tycho / 3 days ago

Stream Of Annihilation

Wizards of the Coast is doing an event called Stream of Annihilation to kick off the new stuff they’ve got going, some of which was teased in the Acquisitions Incorporated Live game from PAX East.  They’re essentially operating a kind of online convention you can attend June 2nd and 3rd, with twelve hours of programming per day.  They’ve pulled out all the stops on the talent side, it’s a little ridiculous: The HighRollers, Misscliks, and more.

I don’t 100% know how it happened, but Acquisitions Incorporated: The “C” Team - the show we do with HyperRPG! - is on the docket as well.  Dabe took really cool pictures of everybody for the teaser page.  Wizards has definitely brought in some top tier crews and I am trying not to be intimidated(!!!).


Tycho / 3 days ago

You might like the podcast for this one when it comes out; the true origin of the strip is divergent from its terrifying new form.

We are going to be a doing a new show on the Twitch stream.  The scam I have historically tried to pull in my life as a person who makes and does things is to try and work it so someone pays me to do something I would have made or done for free.  I probably shouldn’t say that outloud, but since the contract is already signed I think we’re in the clear.

Penny Arcade Plays: Warmachine is a four player tournament we’ll be streaming live from the studio every Tuesday from 2:00pm to 4:00pm PDT, beginning 5/30 (next week!) and running through 7/11.  Warmachine and Hordes publisher Privateer Press was in the studio because they’re like twenty minutes from here, and we had their own Will Shick to handle judgement calls and give suggestions - you can watch that session here to see what the show might be like.  If you’re a newcomer or are considering wargaming, don’t be scared.  This is not going to be super hardcore by any means; this is essentially just a way to show you something cool, have fun, and see if you might like the hobby.  Who do we have playing?  Well…

We’ve got our own Kiko, who is the most experienced player in the group.  Strong painting skills, too.  He going to represent Khador, which is basically a steam-powered Soviet Union with war robots.  He knows how to use them.  Let’s say that.

I am Tycho Brahe.  But I am also a mad prophet of The Lawbringer, Creator of Man - which means I play Protectorate of Menoth.  They’re a great faction with the best color scheme, cool-ass synergies, and lots and lots of fire.  The Rivalry I have with Kiko is such that it requires a capital letter.

Next up is CalamityJamie, a.k.a. My friend Jamie Dillon.  She worked with us on Child’s Play back in the day, but now she’s streamin’ non-stop, rocking consulting and charity stuff, and bein’ rad.  She used to play Protectorate of Menoth, which is the correct choice, but now she’s playing “goodie two-shoes” Cygnar and the betrayal is real.  The Swans, Jamie?  The fucking SWANS?! She’s a great painter and a savvy player with tournament experience.

Last up we have Erick Blandin, who works at Child’s Play Charity, incrementally improving the world.  Which makes his choice of the Cryx faction ironic, because that’s basically the opposite of their deal.  They are scary, fast robot zombie monsters that glow green because they are bad, bad, bad.  It’s the faction I find most scary to play against.  He’s pretty new to the game, but you can learn along with him.

The final round will streamed live from Privateer’s festival, Lock & Load 2017, on 7/15.  It’ll be me and somebody else.  That was… some trash talk.  Did that come across in raw text?  I’m a very intimidating character.  Is this working at all.

Hey!  New Episode of Acquisitions Incorporated: The “C” Team just hit Twitch - Homecoming, Part 3.  There’s also a fresh Table Talk to slake your afterthirst.  Also if you’re naked from the waist up and don’t want to me, we have a few keen suggestions for that region.

(CW)TB out.

Tycho / 4 days ago

Powered By PAX

People seem to like what we’re doing with the PAX shows.  We have a lot of very unique experience bottled up here at Penny Arcade, earned over almost twenty years of planning and executing cons, and as our partner ReedPOP founds or finds cool conventions around the globe they’ve asked us to share some of that hard-won knowledge with local teams.  Wherever we can be a help to these shows, we will - and honestly, sometimes that’s going to mean standing back and trusting that team’s local approach.  Check out the launch site for more info about the first Powered By PAX event!


Thornwatch Update!

Making a tabletop game is a lot of work you guys. Thankfully I am surrounded by some ridiculously talented folks at Lone Shark and Penny Arcade. Kiko has been working on finalizing the layout for our cards and they are looking really cool. For a long time our cards have gotten the job done, but now it’s time to turn this stuff:

Into something I’m proud to put in a box. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the work Kiko has been doing:

While Kiko hammers out the graphic design I still have lots to illustrate. Specifically I am working on our Judges right now. If you’ve tested the game before you know that the Judge is our word for the game master but what is a Judge in the actual setting? They are our Gods.

The Eyrewood is “the judging wood” and so it makes sense that the deities of this world would be the Judges. They are divine entities that the people of this world recognize as the true masters of the Eyrwood. Judges are prayed to, feared, and cursed. Thornwatch will allow you to play as two different Judges. The first is the Judge of Stars and that’s the one I am working on right now. Here are a couple sketches.

There are a quite a few of these Judges in the Eyrwood. The initial Thornwatch game will give you the option of playing as one of two different Judges each with their own unique mechanics.

The plan is to reveal more of these Judges later and give you the opportunity to play as different ones. Fleshing out the Eyrewood has been so much fun. We’ve come up with a number of settings over the years but the Eyrwood is my favorite. Watching it come to life through this game has been incredible. I can’t wait for you all to get a chance to play in this world.

Speaking of Thornwatch art, I also wanted to share a rad song! Here’s Mike Selinker visiting with Amy Vorpahl as she performs her song “Tie a Knot”!

-Gabe out

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