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It’s possible that we just don’t get Paragon; it’s also possible there’s nothing there to get.  The aesthetic is so dry and clean that it’s hard to find purchase on it.  You slip off of it, and fly away.

Because I know there are Kingkiller Chronicle enthusiasts among you - we are counted in this number also, regardless of any comics we might have made - I thought you might want to know about the Tak Kickstarter.  That is, of course, a game people play inside his books, the way players of Wakfu and Dofus used to play Krosmaster until Krosmaster apparently became some kind of universal cultural currency.

After the final round of the Omegathon, I was able to lure Patrick Rothfuss into my room, making me the envy of women everywhere.  Except we mostly just played Tak.  Or, I played Tak, and his armies were reduced to an aerosol redolent of rosemary and wet granite.  I love abstract strategy games, indeed, we manufacture one that I enjoy very much, but Tak has a very unique character which isn’t a surprise because it was made by Goddamned genius James Ernest.  The brief was to make a game that “felt” classic, a creature with the terroir of his fiction, and it’s kind of cool to have actually done that.

(CW)TB out.

Acquisitions Inc!

The D&D game we played on Sunday was bonkers. We flipped the script so to speak and I took over the DM seat from Chris Perkins who played as Drizzt Do’Urden. I ran an hour long game and then handed the reigns to my friend Patrick Rothfuss who finished out the evening. We did all of this live on stage in front of a few thousand folks with another twenty thousand (at least) watching on Twitch.

You can watch it right here.

I’d like to take a second here and thank you all once again for my ridiculous job.

I played my very first game of Dungeons and Dragons in 2008 and I did it on a podcast that you can still listen to if you want. Now 8 years later I’m dungeon mastering for Chris Perkins! Immediately after playing that first game I was hooked. I actually ended up discovering that I liked being on the DM side of the screen even more than playing. I ran my own game for a few years while still playing in the AI games. When the opportunity to take a shot at the big table came up I had to take it. Then I became a nervous wreck.

As soon as I sat down in the DM seat I was cool though. The nerves just disappeared. The lights on stage are set up so you really can’t see the audience. It was just a big black void and then a table in front of me with four of my favorite people in the world waiting to hear what I had designed for them. Keeping my adventure secret from them was super difficult but it was totally worth it. Dungeon Mastering that game was probably the highlight of my PAX career. Hopefully that was apparent to the audience because when it came time to play I totally forgot we were “putting on a show”.  That was just me and my buddies at a table.

If you’d like a better look at the characters from the game, I’ll just drop them in here.

If you’d like to download my adventure and run it yourself you can grab it for free from Dungeon Masters Guild.

And if you still can’t get enough Acquisitions Inc. there’s always the upcoming YouTube series.

Or the Acquisitions Inc. add on for Card Hunter that Tycho wrote and we all did voice acting for.

-Gabe Out

Tycho / 3 days ago

Gabriel didn’t need to subject me to grievous injury; I managed to lose while being ostensibly whole of mind and body.

I have spent too much time thinking about my failure in Overwatch; the best thing for clarity’s sake would be just to share with you the Google doc I actively maintain at all hours of the day but it’s full of dark oaths and teammate-specific seething and I may need to call on one or more of them again - even if its just as food.  It’s best, perhaps, if this information remains confidential.

In general, though, in general, the show was the best one I can remember.  That’s usually how it goes, with me sitting in the dark the morning after, gnawing at the rind of the show and wondering how my life came to be this way.

Before the show, the Acquisitions Incorporated expansion I wrote for Card Hunter launched, so there was already the first tender shoots of a narrative arc.  Then the game proper began on Sunday afternoon, with Chris Perkins sitting at the table with Scott and I while Gabe and Pat Rothfuss ran adventures - adventures you can literally go grab right now and run at home, if you want.  I mean, here’s Gabe’s and here’s Pat’s.  It was a fairly substantial twist on the usual deal, but people seemed to go with it.  And then, for some reason I can’t entirely remember, I performed some kind of, like…  AcqInc slam poem?  Or something?  God only knows.

Then the teaser for AI: The Series ran and people seemed like they were okay with that.

I just had a really good time at the show.  I had blocks of frenzied activity, but I also had plenty of time to attend PAX.  I love wondering how someone is doing, some cult of weird kids with an awesome game one year, and then seeing them roll back through with a publishing deal.  It happens a lot there; the show tolerates substantially more beauty than the world generally allows.

(CW)TB out.

Tycho / 3 days ago

Acquisitions Incorporated: The Series

Is only too terrifyingly real, and the teaser - its agent upon the Earth - can be found here.


Tycho / 1 week ago

I’m a little nervous about the Overwatch competition on Saturday, for all the reasons you would ordinarily be nervous and then a whole host of brand-new, custom fears borne of today’s casual, civic surveillance ecosystem.

Something weird happened, where when we started practicing with our teams and playing up a rivalry that was wholly performative in nature, we both started to take it very seriously and it became real.  I remembered why we don’t do this, why it’s caustic to our union, and how much harder it makes the manufacturing of jpegs, which are Arcadia’s chief export.  But now I basically want to crucify him.  And I’ve built an organization whose entire purpose is to consume him like a fire.

It only got crazier from there.  There are a few moving pieces on this one, I couldn’t see the entire project from the lush veranda of my sorcerer’s manse, so I didn’t know that Kiko had finished the watch.  He tells me it is a “Gold Moto360 (Gen 2)” and my ravens have informed me that Gabriel covets the device.  Which means he must not be allowed to have it.

The Watch

The other thing I did not know was that Wyrmwood Gaming, purveyors of exquisite dork artifacts fashioned from exotic woods, had been commissioned to create a legendary vessel for the prize.  Looka dis:

Vessel for The Watch

This, too, must be jealously guarded from the foe.

UPDATE: Here’s how much else I didn’t know.  Video that I thought was recorded in strict confidence, with someone I thought was a friend, has now been edited into some kind of glossy promotional salvo.

PAX East starts today; maybe I’ll see you around.  I can typically be found in the Exhibition Hall looking at stuff nobody knew was gonna be at PAX East, or over in the vasty Tabletop section getting a demo of a game while the game’s actual designer is watching me learn it from the next table over.  Oh yeah.  I’m on to your shit.

(CW)TB out.

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