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About The Show

Everyone Is Here to Make Friends

In 2011, the Creators (a.k.a. Mike and Jerry) declared to the Penny Arcade office that a reality show based on webcomics must be done. After a year of research and a successful Kickstarter stretch goal (thank you!), the stage had been set for 12 Artists flown from around the world to compete for $15,000 in cash and a year integrated into the Penny Arcade machine.

Through a variety of events and challenges, these 12 will fight, claw, write, and draw until only one Artist remains. Friends may or may not be made.

About the Creators

It’s Just Those Penny Arcade Guys

No really, it’s just Mike and Jerry.

Show Credits

The People Who Made It Happen

Executive Producers

  • Jerry Holkins
  • Mike Krahulik
  • Robert Khoo


  • Graham Stark

Loading Ready Run Team


  • Graham Stark

Assistant Director

  • Kathleen De Vere


  • Graham Stark
  • Kathleen De Vere
  • Paul Saunders
  • James Turner


  • Jason Chinnock
  • Sarah Mendiola
  • Paul Saunders

Sound Technician

  • Theodore Sherman


  • Graham Stark

Assistant Editor

  • Kathleen De Vere


  • Bradley Rains

Penny Arcade Team


  • Joshua Price
  • Erika Sadsad
  • Levin Sadsad

Associate Producer

  • Will Lummus

Additional Camera

  • Van Blumreich


  • Dabe Alan


  • Erika Sadsad
  • Levin Sadsad


  • Levin Sadsad

Special Thanks:

  • Wizards of the Coast
  • Wacom
  • NYCC
  • PowerNotebooks.com
  • GES
  • Copic Markers