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Artist Crowd Funding [Updated!]

Posted by Erika Sadsad in General

[Updated to include an additional campaign from Amy & Erika]

A couple few of our Artists have crowd funding campaigns going. Since this very show exists thanks to our passionate fans helping us reach our Kickstarter stretch goal, we thought it best to highlight their efforts so that you can support them as well.

Monica's Phuzzy Book Indiegogo

Monica: The Phuzzy Book Indiegogo

Monica has collected her webcomic, Phuzzy Comics, into a book and has turned to Indiegogo to help make it a reality. She’s also got some really cool prints for rewards, too.

Just 9 days left!

Lexxy's Cloud Factory Kickstarter

Lexxy: The Cloud Factory Kickstarter

Lexxy is shifting her focus off of commissions so that she can finally begin her webcomic passion, The Cloud Factory. She’s using Kickstarter to help her start her journey by offering up a great art book as a reward.

29 days to go!

Anything that Loves Kickstarter

Amy & Erika: Anything That Loves Kickstarter

Amy and Erika are both contributing to the comics anthology, Anything That Loves. Now that the campaign has reached its funding goal, any additional funds raised are used to increase the amount paid to each contributor!

16 days remaining!