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Elimination #5 Home Edition

Posted by Erika Sadsad in Elimination Home Edition


We asked you guys to play along at home while you watched the last Elimination and there was some awesome submissions over the past few days! If you want to see them all, check the #ElimComic hashtag on Twitter.

Here are a few of our favorites along with links to their Twitter profiles, starting with the image to the left:

@birdbottles provides us with this dark and tragic tale.


@quazo delivers with some classic misdirection.



@clayyount [left] has some words of advice for fellow artists:

“Pro Tip: 2 panels and few words gives you more time to draw :)”

We’ve got one last “honorable mention” here. Proving that you don’t have to be a great cartoonist to participate in the Elimination Home Edition.

@TallysTreasury [right] sewed a panel out of felt. Felt.

That does it for this week! Hopefully seeing some of the completed pieces will encourage even more of you to participate in the next Elimination!