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Elimination Home Edition: Finale

Posted by Erika Sadsad in Elimination Home Edition

Warning! This post contains spoilers if you haven’t watched last Friday’s episode.
We wouldn’t want to spoil the Finale for you, so we’ll wait here.

Creation, Morality & Good vs Evil

I know the Artists were given four hours to make three comics, but here’s the thing.
You seem nice, I like you. So I’m only asking you to make one comic, in 90 minutes.
The standard you’ve grown to love!

Choose two of the three topics, and get to work! When you’re done, post your comic on Twitter using the #StripSearch and #ElimComic hashtags.

Make the best comic: Win a shirt!

Remember these sweet shirts? Well! This time around, the very best Elimination Home Edition comic wins a shirt! Now you can proudly wear your elimination domination.

Deadline: Next Monday 6/24

Men's Ready Set Art Tee Women's Ready Set Art Tee

Step 1:
Choose your topics
Step 2:
Make a comic
Step 3: