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Media Roundup!

Posted by Robert Khoo in General

There’s been quite a bit of press written about Strip Search these past few months, so we figured we’d compile it all here for your convenience.

We started in late December by dipping our toes into the media water with Gary over at Fleen, divulging what we could about the series. A good chunk of the interview talked about the process to get from nearly 1,000 applicants to our 12 Artists.

Graham over at LoadingReadyRun announces their involvement in the show.

Then we spoke with Bob at Mashable about some of the behind the scenes thoughts of the series.

Chris at Comic Book Resources does a quick interview, and Jerry talks a bit about the difficulty of doing something like Strip Search.

Completely by accident, some of us happened to be in New York, where we ambushed Gary by showing him the first 3 minutes of the show. He then proceeded to ask a lot of questions, as Gary is prone to do.

And then Mike does a huge AMA over at Reddit, where he talks a little bit about the show along with everything else going on at Penny Arcade.

And more are coming soon!

Note: You may observe that all of these articles are very positive about Strip Search. Clearly this is because Strip Search is so incredibly awesome, and not because we just filtered all the dumb ones out.