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Meet the Artists: Amy (A RESPONSE)

Posted by Robert Khoo in Interview

A mere 16% of people that voted in the latest poll said “drama” was the thing they were looking forward to most. Well, like it or not, it’s a brewin’ with that first “get to know you” interview with Tavis. We reached out to Amy to see what her thoughts were on this mess.

Why do you think Tavis said those horrible things about you?
Amy: Probably because I am more popular than him, and I own way more Pogs. I said from Day 1 that I wasn’t there to make friends. He just didn’t get it. Tell him to stop calling me.

Can you summarize your Strip Search experience in a limerick?

Strip Search was a super fun show,
They gave us free sex toys, y’know?
We fought to the death,
All hopped up on meth.
Don’t believe it? Then come at me, bro.

What was the worst part of being on the show?
All the women were super into me. It was totally distracting… for them. They kept saying stuff like “Take a shower, Amy” and “Stop chewing with your mouth open.” I’m like “Seriously ladies? I’m here to compete, not stay up all night watching Grease 2 and eating Dunkaroos.” The guys were even worse. It was like they just wanted one sexy pillow fight after another, and they never once invited any of us girls.

Honestly, it was life changing.

In Ty’s self portrait, he appears to be pointing at himself. Or is he? What do you think he’s trying to say?
Ty was asked “Who do you think is the combined smelliest cast member with the worst taste in music?” So, he was pointing to himself, but he was wrong. He is only the biggest combination Miley Cyrus/Metric/Dan Fogelberg fan. Tavis is actually the smelliest. He’s really sensitive about it, so don’t say anything.

You can see more of Amy’s work in here!