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Meet the Artists: Nick

Posted by Robert Khoo in Interview

Why are you so cool?
I have Confidence Of Obscene Levels and I Craft Overly Obscene Language while Crushing Ostentatious Obsolete Losers.

Does it sometimes… hurt… to be that cool?
Cool people never get hurt. EVER. Actually, I’d imagine that it hurts to NOT be cool. Like you, for instance, are you in pain right now? If we hang out, you’ll feel a lot better… Call me after the interview, I always have time for community service.

What do you think the crew nicknamed Mac?
Mac is a pretty cool dude once I got to know him. If I had to guess, I’d say they called him “Almost-but-not-quite-as-cool-as-cool-guy-Nick-Mac”. On a serious note, he’s an incredible artist and has the best socks in the entire house.

Do you think Tavis will ever leave his wife for Amy?
The sexual tension between those two was palpable, but I don’t think Amy’s the kind of girl you leave your wife and kids for. She’s the girl you knew way back when that “friends” you on Facebook years later. So you shoot her a message and you guys meet to catch up over coffee. Next thing you know, you wake up next to her with a bad hangover and a deep feeling of regret. The WORST part of this is, weeks later she’s still texting you, showing up at your job, going through your trash and somehow appearing uninvited at your birthday party. Seriously, how hard is it to understand the words RESTRAINING ORDER? I told you after the third All-Guy topless pillow fight in the house that it’s over. Just be cool about it, OK? We can still be friends. I promise.

Tavis is cool though, I’m sure he’ll be fine.

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